Whenever mention is made of the annual migration of huge numbers of animals, principally wildebeest and zebra, it always seems to focus on the movement from Tanzania into Kenya across the Mara River.

But of course the migration is a circular event – they have to come back to Tanzania again, so they can leave! Also, some of the herds may cross the Mara more than once! Food is clearly more of a driving force than the danger of the crocodiles.

This guide will help you work out where you ought to be and when to get the best possible chance of seeing the huge herds, driven by the search for fresh grazing crossing the plains.

Many safari lodges have sited themselves in the path of the migration but timing your holiday to coincide with the arrival of the herds, is a leap of faith at best and could involve long safari drives to get to the herd’s location; but what a sight! My top tip would be to book one of a handful of mobile camps that change their location to where the herds are actually going to be.

So, here’s a guide, and it is just that, a guide to where the herds may be…………