9 Reasons Victoria Falls Should be on Your Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? If not, it’s probably time to start one as the world is full of beautiful places and interesting things to try. Of all of the world’s beauties, Victoria Falls is one of those sites that shouldn’t just be on your list but also at the very top. Want a good reason why? We’ve got 9 of them.


Because of….The Falls

It’s pretty obvious but the falls are one of the natural wonders of the world and are so impressive that any other waterfall may pale in comparison. The falls are truly massive and just about 625 million litres of water pass through them every minute. Locals to the falls refer to them in their native language as the equivalent to, “the smoke that thunders,” giving them an almost mystical, magical quality.


‘Sunset at the Victoria Falls’ by Mario Micklisch


Devils Pool

You may have seen the photos or can just infer from the name, but devils pool is no joke. If you are adventurous and a strong swimmer, you can sit in this pool and overlook the falls any time of the year.


‘Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls’ by Meraj Chhaya


World Class Rafting

Where there are waterfalls and rapids, there are also usually opportunities for white water rafting. If you are feeling courageous, book on to a one day trip that will take you onto the Zambezi, just below the waterfalls to raft. You will raft down the Batoka Gorge and take on some Class IV and V rapids.


‘Rafting’ by Jim Kelly



If white water rafting near some of the world’s biggest waterfalls sounds too intimidating, you can try canoeing instead! It’s just as fun but without the danger element.




Bungee Jumping

The falls are exhilarating so it only makes sense that there would be equally exciting activities on offer nearby. You can bungee jump for one of the world’s best views, take a swing off of a 330 foot bridge or zip line through the gorge.




Get Double The View

You can look at the falls from two different angles, both of which are pretty stellar in their own right. Make sure to prioritize the Zimbabwe side as it’s better but don’t forget the Zambian side because it allows you to get closer to the top and the bottom areas of the falls.


‘Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe Side’ by Steve Jurvetson


For a Full Moon View

This will take a bit of planning and timing on your part, but witnessing the full moon over the falls can be incredible. The park actually stays open later during full moons so that guests can witness the lunar rainbow that sometimes makes an appearance.


‘Victoria Falls_2012 05 23_1465’ by Harvey Barrison


For Some History

There is actually quite a bit of history to learn about the falls and the surrounding area. Located at the entrance of the park are a display of coloured cards that will teach you some of the most interesting facts about where you are visiting.


‘Toegang naar de Victoria Watervallen’ by Martijn.Munneke


For The Amenities

It’s not all just about the falls actually. Sure, they are the main attraction but the safari lodge that surrounds them has some pretty exciting amenities. Eat like a local at one of the buffets serving up game meats and traditional Zimbabwean dishes, learn how to make traditional beats on the drums or see some cultural dance performances too.


‘3 people playing drums’ by Rob Baird

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