I first went to Africa in 1998 and encountered its magic with a trip to KwaZulu Natal and the Kruger National Park on a 10 night trip. Somewhere on that trip something inside me changed, no idea what but I knew that this was not going to be my last trip. Just two years later, I was offered the opportunity to buy the company that had made the arrangements and grabbed it with both hands but with a little trepidation as I had a good job in the City and had never run a company before. It was scary but offered so much.

Since then I have been fortunate to have visited just about every country in Southern Africa – Lesotho being the one exception – and have gradually worked out why I love Africa so much. Each individual who feels like I do, will have their own reasons for feeling as they do. For me it has now come down to one macro – when I land in Africa, it feels like I am home. Daft, eh!

For those who have yet to be bitten by the African travel bug, let me try to give you some reasons why I feel like I am home, why you should visit and what makes this place so special.