Where to go on Safari in March

March can be a frustrating month-it’s almost spring, yet the winter cold is still lingering around. If you want to skip out on this confusing time of year, head to one of Africa’s national parks for a safari. You’ll have plenty of options, but here are some of the best places to go on safari in March.

Serengeti National Park

March is when the migration in the Serengeti National Park is in full effect. Witness the Great Migration and catch a glimpse of the newborn wildebeest; there will be plenty of them.

This is also the best time of year to view the cheetah and other predators that are patrolling the park. Because of the wildebeest migration, lots of larger animals are waiting around to hunt, giving you plenty to see while on safari.

Tarangire National Park

Located in Tanzania, this national park is characterized by swamps, river valleys, grassland, and woodland. While much of the year it is quite dry, during March, the flora and fauna scene is very lively.

It’s during this time of year that you’ll be able to see the massive migration of zebra and wildebeest-one of the best wildlife sightings in the world. You’ll also see a high density of elephants, baobab trees, giraffe, waterbuck, honey badger, cheetah, leopard, and the African lion.

baobab tree

Quirimbas National Park

Located in Mozambique, this park is a great place to visit in March as the rainy season is just finishing up. With all of the precipitation from the months before, the park is left looking lush and lively.

There are a variety of habitats to explore such as: woodland, savannah, forests, beaches, coral reefs, mangroves, and mountains. In terms of animals, safari goers can expect to see elephants, dolphins, lions, crocodiles, leopards, and wild dog.

Chobe National Park

Located in Botswana, this national park has one of the largest elephant concentrations in Africa. There are also plenty of antelope, wild dog, giraffes, buffalo, and crocodiles to get a look at too.

The landscape here is comprised of grassy plains and woodland, making a safari here quite diverse. Visiting during March will give you dry, warm and sunny weather without the humidity and rain of the summer months.

african wild dog

Zambezi National Park

Located in Zambia, this national park is the site of Victoria Falls. March is actually the prime summertime here, so you can escape the lingering winter and trade it for sunny days overlooking the falls.

Those on safari here will be able to see elephant, buffalo, leopard, lion, antelope, kudu, waterbuck, giraffe, impala, and a whole host of smaller species. A safari paired with a day at the falls makes for the perfect Zambia vacation. Have a picnic, take a canoe ride and just relax as you keep an eye out for the wildlife.

An African safari in March is a great idea to escape what’s left of winter. For many places across the continent, March is summertime, which will give you great weather and plenty of wildlife to look out for.