10 Incredible Things To Do In Zambia

10 Incredible Things to Do in Zambia

Zambia, the main gateway to the Victoria Falls. It’s an incredible off the beaten path destination that can be perceived in two ways. Whilst this huge country with its poor road networks poses a logistical nightmare for travellers, the challenge can certainly make it feel rewarding and all the more satisfying. If the Victoria Falls doesn’t draw you in, the lack of tourist crowds yet just as much beauty as neighbouring Zimbabwe, certainly will.

If you’re planning a visit, here are 10 incredible things to do in Zambia

See the Falls in Wet Season
Unlike Zimbabwe, the Victoria Falls don’t flow all year round on the Zambian side. February to May is the peak season. During non-peak flow times at Victoria Falls there are lots of other activities that makes visiting the Falls an attraction. It’s proximity to the Chobe National Park in Botswana being just one.

victoria falls

Take a Dip in the Devil’s Pool
But not to worry if you’re travelling to Zambia during the Falls’ dry season. As even when the waterfalls aren’t in full flow, you can take a swim in the famous Devil’s Pool when waters are low. (check out our post on the best time to visit Zambia for more info).

Stay in a Romantic Riverside Lodge
Zambia is renowned for its secluded accommodation right on the water’s edge – with unspoilt views! Many of these safari lodges have private viewing decks so you can enjoy an al fresco breakfast whilst watching the amazing wildlife.


Guided Walking Safari in South Luangwa
Immerse yourself in the wilderness and learn to find animal tracks under the safe supervision of a guide. This is a key area for wildlife sightings. South Luangwa is renowned for it’s sightings of big cats including Leopards and Lions.

Game Drive Along the Luangwa River
The only animal you won’t spot here is the rhino but there are plenty of other animals within this concentrated area to help you tick off your safari bucket list. Game drives give you better coverage than touring on foot and will increase chances of leopard, lion, elephant, zebra and Thornicroft’s giraffe sightings.


Visit Wild Horizons Elephant Sanctuary
Elephants are one of the most popular animals to see on safari. Their grand appearance and their gentle nature makes them a beautiful animal to watch, and a visit to this special sanctuary will provide you with an unforgettable experience.


Explore Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park
As well as being the gateway to the Falls, the rest of the 25 square mile Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park is worth exploring too. There’s a separate entrance at the north-western side which takes you to the wildlife park. Here you can spot the Angolan giraffe, the Grant’s zebra, the warthog, the eland, the impala as well as the buffalo. The only place to see Rhino’s in Zambia is the Mosi-Oa-Tunya Park.


Saturday Dutch Market
Get fully immersed in local culture! Set in the Kabulonga area of Lusaka, this large open air market takes place every month and you will find everything from Zimbabwean soap stone to copper souvenirs – plus delicious street food!

Kafue National Park
If you want the ultimate off the beaten path experience, head north in Kafue National Park to the Busanga Plains. This wetland area provides excellent game viewing and there are just a handful of luxury camps dotted around the vast reserve. Experience a balloon safari to see wildlife from a different perspective.


Eat Local Crayfish at Lake Kariba
This is the world’s largest artificial lake; it’s beautiful, extremely well kept and the surrounding area is wonderfully relaxing. Stay in Siavango Town or one of the lodges nearby, taste the local crayfish and fill your days with boat cruises on the lake.