7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Republic of Congo

Located in central Africa, The Republic of Congo is not a destination that is typically on the itineraries of travelers. The population here is sparse as most people live in the urban areas of the country. Most of the country is covered in tropical rainforest and with the strict visa policies, not too many people have taken the time to visit this country in comparison to the rest of the world. However, The Republic of Congo is not off limits and if you haven’t considered traveling to this destination, here are 7 things that you didn’t know about it that may make you change your mind.

There Are Multiple National Parks

Opportunities to be within nature are abundant in this country. Guests can start off by visiting Nouabale-Ndoki National Park which is the most remote and largest of them all and features elephants and apes. For the most famous, head over to Odzala National Park to see forest elephants and gorillas or Douli National Park for stunning coastline, whale and sea turtle sightings, elephants, chimps and plants that glow in the dark.


You Can See Gorillas up Close

Aside from the gorilla sightings in the national parks, there is another opportunity to witness gorillas in The Congo. By visiting Louna National Park, guests can witness the efforts to protect the gorillas in this specialised camp. Make sure to see them before they are gone.


You Can Voyage Down The Congo River

The Congo River is actually the second largest in Africa, making a cruise on it particularly special. There are plenty of local tours that are willing to take passengers on a journey down the scenic river pathways too.

Congo River

‘Pirogues on the Congo’ by Julien Harneis

There Are Plenty of Food Choices

Aside from the local fare, visitors won’t have trouble finding some fantastic meals. The Casino Supermarket in the capital of Brazzaville has plenty of supplies that expats and visitors will recognize from their home countries. Travelers can also find Chinese food as well as Lebanese cuisine quite easily.


There is Plenty to Drink

Aside from the usual soda and juice options, there is plenty to drink if you are in the mood for beer and wine. Palm wine is a favorite of the locals as well as the local red wine called, SOVINCO which is imported from Gabon. Under the supervision of Heineken, there are quite a few beer varieties like N’Gok and Primus too.


It’s Actually Very Safe

When speaking of the capital city, petty crime that targets foreigners is actually pretty rare. Always be on the lookout to protect your valuables as you would anywhere but in general, it is really similar to anywhere else you may travel to. In general, this is one of Africa’s safer places to travel to.


You Won’t Run Out of Things to do

While you may not have heard much about The Republic of Congo, there is actually tons here for tourists to experience. From going on safari and visiting the national parks to exploring the capital city and all of its history, you will find yourself more busy than you ever expected.


‘Crested Cranes in Serengeti’ by Filip Lachowski