Lions of the Namib Desert

In Namibia, there is so much conflict between the humans and desert lions in the Namib Desert that it is unlikely that there will be desert lions for much longer. In 2015, it was thought that a young lioness held the key for the survival of the desert lions when she bore five cubs nicknamed […]

The 7 Best Beaches in Africa

  So, what makes a beach a great beach let alone a ‘best’ beach? Perhaps it has the sand that is so white it blinds you or that the sand is just so unbelievably soft. Or the water is crystal blue?  Or it has a stunning and remote location? In reality though it’s none of […]

When and Where to Go on Safari in Africa

Africa is such a vast and diverse continent, and no two destinations are the same. And with diversity comes variety; so no matter where you go next on your African safari, your experience will be completely unique to the last. From the elusive Leopard to the endangered Northern White Rhino, the incredible wildlife of Africa […]