With effect from tomorrow new ‘pilot’ visa rules will come into effect for visitors to Zambia and Zimbabwe which replaces the old ‘multi-entry’ visa and will save visitors having to buy visas for both countries as is currently the case should they wish to cross the border, for instance to view Victoria Falls from the other side.

Called the ‘Univisa’ visitors entering at specified points in these two countries will be able to purchase a single visa of US$50 (in cash), which will be valid for 30 days, and allows the holder to enter either country as frequently as they wish. It will also allow a day trip into Botswana – but not an overnight; if you stay overnight you will have to purchase another visa.

More countries, Botswana and Namibia included, which currently do not require most passport holders to purchase a visa (including those holding UK passports),  are likely to become part of the scheme in six months time.