Mobile Safari

Mobile safaris are a superb way to experience Africa, usually in a small group of up to 8 guests, visiting specific regions at a specific time of year, such as to the Kalahari in January to March following the annual rains and the zebra migration or a more generic mobile safari,moving through a country or countries to view the wildlife.

They tend to have set departure dates throughout the year bar seasons where moving by land is difficult due to ground conditions, such as during the rainy season.

The grade of mobile safari you choose will depend on how adventurous you are or what creature comforts you would like on your trip. There are generally three grades of mobile safari and each country gives it a different name:

Trails/Fly Camping – the most active of the three and the least damaging to the environment as your mode of transport will be on foot or by canoe or mokoro. Accommodation is usually in maxi dome tents. These mobiles are  available in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Adventurer – the camps within this grade of mobile are pitched for the season of operation, mostly in private concessions and located in prime game viewing sites. Accommodation is in maxi dome tents with x-frame beds, duvets and cotton bed linen. The tents also offer an en-suite toilet and a bucket shower. Often, but not always these mobile safaris finish with a night or two at a permanent lodge.

Discoverer – these mobile safaris are fully serviced deluxe guided journeys with accommodation alternating between permanent camping sites usually within private concessions and permanent lodges. The tents are walk-in Meru style with en-suite toilet, shower and basin.

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