Botswana Safari Lodges

Botswana, a stunningly beautiful landlocked country at the heart of southern Africa offers some unique regions to visit, from the Okavango Delta to the Kalahari, and a breadth and depth of accommodation to suit all people.

Mobile Safari Camps –  these ‘trails’ or ‘fly’ camps are erected and collapsed (but not by you) as part of a mobile safari and are comfortable, 9’ x 9’ dome tents with simple en-suite facilities and are a great way to get to see and feel Africa in a good level of comfort without the trappings and expense of permanent camps and lodges.

Tented Safari Camps (semi-permanent) – these camps comprise larger, Meru style tents, with en-suite facilities, and are erected at the start of the safari season (usually after the summer rains have finished), for use by private groups or the more luxurious mobile safaris.

Tented Safari Camps (permanent) – these mid-range camps form the core of accommodation within Botswana, and comprise large tented rooms usually under a thatched roof, raised off the ground with en-suite facilities and a private deck.

Luxury Safari Lodges – this is the highest level of accommodation in Botswana and comprises elegant and stylish accommodation, each individually designed and luxuriously equipped with both indoor and outdoor facilities, a private deck and sometimes a ‘sala’ and private plunge pool.

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