South Luangwa National Park

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At about half the size of the Kafue, the South Luangwa National Park is found in the low-lying and productive Luangwa Valley. The park is sustained by the Luangwa River, an impressive watercourse that supports high densities of wildlife along its banks. The southern sector is more remote, pristine and secluded compared to other parts of Kafue. The South Luangwa is perhaps best known for pioneering walking safaris.

Over time the course of the Luangwa has carved a multitude of channels that, in winter, when the river is at its lowest flow, form lagoons and oxbow lakes that serve as magnets for game activity. The Luangwa is flanked by mopane woodland, scrub, savannah and low hills.

Wildlife is plentiful with in excess of sixty mammal species found; herds of elephant and buffalo frequently dominate access to water at the ox-bow lakes, whilst huge pods of hippo stake their claim in the only way they know how to. The plains game, puku, impala, waterbuck and kudu are prolific. Unique sub-species of wildebeest (Cookson’s) and giraffe (Thornicroft’s) occur only on the Luangwa Valley. Lion numbers are high, but leopard is perhaps the signature predator with densities the highest in Africa. Birdlife is truly incredible with over 400 bird species recorded including many that migrate to the valley in November.

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South Luangwa

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