Masharaki Palace

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Stone Town, Zanzibar: Exotic and mystical, evocative of the centuries of sultans, traders, adventurers and explorers who came to these magical isles of Zanzibar off the Swahili East African coast, leaving a cultural and architectural fusion which echoes its proud history of Persian, Arabian, Indian, Colonial and African influences.

Stone Town is now home to the new Masharaki Palace Hotel. This is the Eastern Palace on the islands, once the seat of the Omani empire spanning a thousand miles, created by the first sultan of Zanzibar almost 200 years ago. The domicile of the Sultan’s religious councillor is now restored beyond its former magnificence.

The hospitality at the Masharaki Palace is based on good taste and warmth, comfort and style. Because the hotel is converted from the wing of the old palace, none of the eighteen rooms are the same. The ground floor looks into the courtyard and has high ceilings, several have balconies, some have sea views, some have a living area or mezzanine floor, but all are enclosed in this original ancient palace with cool, thick walls, Arabian beds, stucco decoration and carved doors, bringing you the essence of old Zanzibar with a twist of modern chic. Wandering through the ancient corridors, your thoughts will drift to the past splendour of a lost era, and the secret memories, like a faint waft of incense, that this old palace jealously preserves.

The Masharaki Palace is a privileged residence for guests looking for refined hospitality in an historical setting.

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