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Despite its size and remote location, Zanzibar – a small collection of islands – of which Unguja is the main island, which has acquired an almost mystical status as a “must see” location for travellers. Situated just a 15 minute flight from Dar es Salaam off the Indian Ocean coast of Tanzania, Unguja (more commonly just known as Zanzibar) was once a major trading spot for merchants from India, Arabia and Portugal, who settled there and Zanzibar is an eclectic mix of these cultures; never more so than in Stone Town – the island’s major town – where buildings such as the House of Wonders encompasses Zanzibar’s rich history.

Although there are many beaches in and around Stone Town, most of the beach front properties are to be found on the east coast, about an hour by car from Stone Town’s small airport.

And of course Zanzibar was the birth place of Freddie Bulsara, more famously known as Freddie Mercury.

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