Selous Game Reserve

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Part of the Southern Safari Circuit, the Selous is bigger than either Denmark or Switzerland and covers more than 5% of the land mass of Tanzania – three time larger than the Serengeti. It is perhaps one of the few national parks, where the “old Africa” can be found, uninhabited and untamed. Like Ngorongoro it is a World Heritage Site.

The greater part of the northern sector of the Selous is ear-marked for photographic safaris and is one of the most beautiful and game rich areas in the whole park. Three quarters of the Selous is woodland of various types, short grassy plains and seasonally adjusted pans. The remainder consists of riverine forests and impenetrable thickets. The Rufiji River cuts it path through the park and supports ox-bow lakes, sandy terraces, wetlands and swamps – the Selous earns its reputation as one of the most outstanding eco-systems in East Africa.

With such a varied eco-system the Selous supports a large number of large mammals including large packs of African wild dog, endangered in most of Africa but thriving here; perhaps though the park is best known for its abundant and varied birdlife.

Walking and boat safaris, as well as the traditional game drives, are offered to visitors by the Selous’ small and intimate camps and lodges with little chance of come across any other sign of human life.

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Selous Game Reserve

Selous & Pemba (Silver)

The Selous & Pemba itinerary combines four nights on safari with six nights on the beach in two locations that are off the beaten track from most visitors to Tanzania. Excellent game viewing is assured whilst the diving in the Pemba Channel is some of the best in this part of East Africa. The itinerary […]

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