Nduara Loliondo

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Nduara Loliondo moves seasonally, spending 6 months in southern Loliondo (Piyaya) and 6 months in northern Loliondo (Ololosokwan) In Piyaya, to the South, where the camp moves between December and May, the scenery changes dramatically and the yurts sit beneath vast skies on the edge of wide and endless plains. The main mess and dining areas, beside a mature spreading acacia tree, look out over a small vlei. In Ololosokwan, where you’ll find the camp between June and November, the tents sit high on a ridge with commanding views over a broad acacia-lined valley. In the mornings and evenings the sights and sounds of Maasai life permeate the air as cattle move too and form a local manyatta. The private campsites are positioned in areas chosen for their stunning views.

Six large yurts are spread out with a main mess and dining yurt in the midst. All have en-suite bathrooms attached with safari-style bucket showers and ‘short drop’ toilets. The yurts have been designed to be as cool as possible during the day and have wrap-around shade net windows, with additional canvas flaps that can be rolled up or down.

Activities include: Game drives in 4WD vehicles; walking safaris, driving off-road, night game drives, great game viewing and birding, picnics and sundowners in stunning locations and Maasai cultural activities.

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