Denis Private Island

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Denis Private Island, located far to the north of Praslin Island and reached by light aircraft from the main island of Mahe or from Praslin, is an enchanted Seychelles coral isle set like a jewel in a sapphire sea. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the barefoot luxury of an authentic island hideaway, where you will be seduced by the understated elegance of the private, beachfront cottages and its exquisite cuisine.

Stretched along the beach on the north-western tip of the island, each nestling in its lush surrounds and separated from each other by gardens and hedges, Denis offers its guests well appointed villas with generously proportioned open living spaces in unpretentious comfort, with the talcum-soft beaches just steps away.

For those guests who like some activity Denis is not just a beach paradise, wander inland and the forest covering the interior echoes with calls of land and sea birds amidst the lush island’s flora. If you’d prefer to know more about the island, you can join Denis Island’s resident experts on a bird feeding or nature tour, or for a presentation on the island’s history, wildlife or conservation projects in the Library. Or perhaps visit the Old Village craft workshops, farm and the giant tortoise colony. The pace is unhurried.

Equally, a jog around the island, a game of tennis, snooker or a chess challenge in the Library, canoeing around the island or sunset sortie into the lagoon is yours for the asking.

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