Odzala-Kokoua National Park

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Odzala-Kokoua in the north of Congo and on the Gabon border is one of Africa’s oldest national parks, having been proclaimed by the French administration in 1935. It covers primarily pristine equatorial rainforest typical of the Congo Basin but is unique for protecting a large area of savannah as well. It is one of the “gems” of west central Africa.

Within its 1 360 000 hectares (3 360 633 acres) it holds globally significant populations of western lowland gorilla, forest elephant and forest buffalo as well as a wide array of other species. It is renowned as the richest forest block in central Africa for primate species with eleven diurnal and six nocturnal species recorded. Guereza colobus, grey-cheeked mangabey, putty-nosed monkey and crowned monkey are perhaps the most common primates but De Brazza’s monkey, northern talapoin and even chimpanzee are also all seen regularly.

It is for gorillas that people visit however, with densities of this great ape in Odzala the highest recorded in Africa. Sharing more than 97% of its DNA with humans, the gorilla is perhaps the most charismatic inhabitant of the forest and guests at Odzala have a unique opportunity to observe habituated groups of the species.

Odzala aims to use responsible lowland gorilla-orientated tourism as a catalyst to spread the rainforest conservation message both globally and locally.

The Odzala experience is undertaken from two intimate, sensitively constructed camps that leave as light a footprint as possible and blend into this remote forest environment: Lango Camp, on the edge of the savannah and with access to the Lekoli and Mambili Rivers, and Ngaga Camp in the heart of a marantaceae forest.

Odzala-Kokoua National Park

Western Lowland Gorilla – Gold

The Western Lowland Gorilla safari is a 6 night, two camp itinerary with set departure dates visiting the remote interior rain forest national park of Odzala-Kokoua in the heart of the Congo Basin in the Republic of Congo. Your safari starts in Brazzavile, Republic of Congo, when you are collected for your flight to Lango […]

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