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Republic of Congo is a sparsely populated former French colony is situated in western central Africa and it not to be confused with Democratic Republic of Congo (“DRC”) with which it shares its major border. Spared the problems of the DRC, its 3 million inhabitants live mainly in the south-west of the country leaving the endless pristine tropical forest of the north and the fingers of savannah that cover its interior largely uninhabited and therefore untouched. This is heart of the Congo Basin, a vast area of tropical rainforest, about the size of the United Kingdom, drained by the mighty Congo river, as well as the Sangha and Mambili.

The region supports a host of forest biodiversity in which endemic wildlife thrives including the majority of the world population of western lowland gorillas. The forest also supports traditional tribal culture.

Tourism in the Congo is in its infancy giving every trip into the forest the feeling of an adventure, not quite knowing what one might discover. The rivers allow access, to what otherwise would be almost impenetrable forest, to parks such as Odzala-Kokoua National Park.

The primary rainy season is from November through to April.

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Additional Republic-of-the-congo Information

The Republic of Congo (Congo) is not to be confused with The Democratic Republic of Congo, and is situated on the west coast of the African continent and is borderd by Gabon, Angola and the DRC. It has a small Atlantic coast line with Pointe-Noire with the major port. The Congo is a former French colony and is a sparsely populated country with just four million people, of which almost 70% live in its major cities, in a total area of some 342,000 sq kilometres.

Over half of the Congo is covered in rainforest and is where Odzala-Kokoua, with its population of western lowland gorillas, in the north of the country can be found.

The capital is Brazzaville, which is also the hub for international flights. Air France has direct flights from Paris into Brazzaville several times a week.

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Where To Go In Republic-of-the-congo

The Republic of the Congo, also known as Congo Brazzaville, is Africa’s equivalent of the Amazon. Since opening up central Africa’s equatorial rainforests to tourism, it’s changed the face of African travel.

While it shares its largest border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, it’s quieter, calmer, safer and much better behaved than its troubled neighbour. However, it offers a unique, wild safari experience with few other tourists.

The most famous national park is Odzala-Kokoua in the northwest. It forms part of the Congo Basin and supports a variety of habitats, including large areas of pristine rainforest, low-lying swamps, and lush, open bais – marshy forest clearings that attract hard-to-see mammals.

This unique environment is home to the world’s largest population of western lowland gorillas, which are the ultimate draw for most safari-goers in this region. You can also see a host of other primates, forest elephants, leopard, hyena, forest buffalo, sitatunga, and the rare, elusive bongo, the rainforest’s largest antelope. There are hundreds of bird species, along with thousands of tropical plants.

The Republic of the Congo offers an undeveloped safari adventure that’s a little off the beaten track, but visitors are rewarded with heart-warming interactions with locals, including the Ba’Aka pygmy tribe.

Where To Stay In Republic-of-the-congo

Here is some climate information so you can plan your safari trip at the optimum time for wildlife viewing.

When To Go To Republic-of-the-congo

Here is some climate information so you can plan your safari trip at the optimum time for wildlife viewing.

Republic-of-the-congo Climate

Congo lies on the equator so the temperature and humidity remain broadly the same all year. There are two rainy seasons, October to December and March to April, and two dry seasons, January to February and May to September.

Temperature (°C)

These are the average lows and highs


Rainfall (mm)

Average rainfall but will vary according to where you are in the Republic of the Congo


What To Do In Republic-of-the-congo

A safari in Republic of the Congo is a unique adventure – the country is wild, remote and untouched. There are two main camps in the Odzala-Kokoua National Park and they both represent a different experience.

The main activity at the Ngaga Camp is tracking western lowland gorillas – this area has the highest density of the species anywhere in the world. You can also see unusual trees, plants, insects and occasionally other primates, and visit the nearby village of Ombo.

The Lango Camp is conveniently located next to a bai where you can see other elusive animals, such as forest elephant and buffalo, bush pigs, leopards and bongo. You can walk in the bai, take a boat along the water where you will see dazzling butterflies and tropical birds, or go for a game drive to seek out other animals.

Safaris begin and end with a trip to Brazzaville, the country’s capital, a laid-back charming town on the Congo River.

Other Information

Here’s a quick overview of some essential details about this intriguing destination.

Capital CityBrazzaville
Population4.45 million
Time ZoneGMT +1:00