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Vamizi Island, situated in the Quirimbas Archipelago off northern Mozambique, arches out of the Indian Ocean; a seven mile long and a just over half a mile wide strip of beach and bush drenched in sunshine. The island, with it wild interior supports a diverse range of wildlife, from Samango monkeys to coconut crabs and over a hundred bird species. But where Vamizi really comes into its own is underwater due to its location close to the point where the south equatorial current splits; the resultant cool and warm currents sustain unusually large amounts of plankton and krill, a food source that supports a vast array of marine life with almost fifty types of coral and over four hundred species of fish and mammals from dolphins to whales.

The island offer near perfect white beaches and breathtakingly beautiful shallows are just the tip of what is beneath the surface, as the seas off Vamizi showcase outstanding topography – mountains, valleys, plateaux and cliffs – bustling with a staggering amount of marine life, from beautifully coloured corals through to turtles, dolphins and whales.

The accommodation at Vamizi Island Lodge defines castaway chic with just eight romantic and luxuriously furnished ‘kitalas’ (luxury beachfront villas) strung loosely along one of the Mozambique’s (if not the world’s) most beautiful beaches. Simply put, whether you want to dive, fish, swim or just chill, then seriously consider Vamizi.

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