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  • Seychelles

    Top class beach resorts, idyllic white sand beaches offset by azure waters - ideal for honeymooner and scuba divers alike. Combines well with Tanzania or Kenya or as a stand-alone destination.

  • Tanzania

    Offers some of the most dramatic landscapes in Africa as well as the great migration. Tanzania combines well with Zanzibar or the northern islands of Mozambique for some post safari relaxation

  • Botswana

    The Okavango Delta is at its heart with some of the most dramatic wildlife sightings in Africa and then there's the Kalahari. Combines well with the islands of Mozambique.

  • Namibia

    The vastness and tranquility of Namibia has to be experienced to be believed from the dunes of Sosssuvlei to the white starkness of the Etosha. Links well with Botswana for a desert and delta safari.

  • Congo

    Sparsely populated with vast tracts of pristine rainforest, the Congo is home to a significant groups of Western Lowland Gorillas. Can be combined with Kenya for a two country itinerary

  • Malawi

    The warm central heart of Africa at the very end of the Great Rift Valley, with a rich history and diverse landscapes. Malawi has much to offer with some superb wildlife and sandy beaches

  • Zambia

    Zambia is a vast country with some superb wildlife viewing in a range of national parks including the remarkable South Luangwa and beautiful, Lower Zambezi. And not forgetting the mighty Victoria Falls!

  • Mozambique

    If you really want to escape the crowds then look no further than the Quirimbas or Bazaruto archipelagos. A short flight from Johannesburg. Mozambique has some of the best diving and remote beaches in Africa.


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Laikipia, located in the central highlands of Kenya, is considered the breadbasket of the Kenyan people with many staple crops grown. Four rivers, one of which is perennial, flow through the region making it a compelling place to live for both people and animals alike. Considered as the gateway to Kenya’s northern wild and scarcely populated frontier country, much of Laikipia is covered by large privately owned ranches where the cattle share the land with the free roaming wildlife.

After Tsavo, Laikipia is Kenya’s most extensive wildlife haven, forming part of the much broader 56,000 sq km Ewaso Ecosystem. All of the ‘Big Five’ mammals occur in Laikipia. Indeed, the elephant population of about 7,000 is, in Kenya, outnumbered only by that in Tsavo. Half of all the endangered Black Rhinos found in Kenya today are in Laikipia.

Laikipia may now support as many as 250 lions – a significant proportion of the estimated 2,000 individuals that remain in Kenya, as well as hosting the largest remaining populations of various other endangered mammals, including Grevy’s Zebra and Reticulated Giraffe, as well as an expanding population of African Wild dog.

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