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Botswana Overview

Botswana lies landlocked at the heart of Southern Africa, bordering Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Its 600,000 square kilometres consist mainly of the Kalahari Desert and are home to just 1.8 million people with a very strong local tribal feel. And yet, despite the predominance of arid land, Botswana offers visitors a chance to see one of the most amazing phenomenons on the African continent; the Okavango Delta – the jewel of the Kalahari.

A shimmering green and blue wetland, the Okavango Delta, considered by many to be Africa’s most incredible wildlife and wilderness sanctuary, is the result of a subtle shift in tectonics, that rerouted major waterways and created the only delta in the world that does not flow into the sea, instead draining into the desert many hundreds of kilometres from the coast. Every year, beginning in May, the floodwaters flow 1,500 miles from the Angolan Highlands into Botswana, bringing new life to the region. The arrival of the floodwaters adds to the natural rains that fall in Botswana from December to March, inundating the lower lying ground and creating seasonal waterways interspersed with palm topped islands.

Flying over the delta is a surreal experience. Flat as far as the eye can see, the shimmering blue of the waterlogged plains is broken by raised tree covered islands banded by thick green reeds, creating artistic swirls and circles. The water is so clear that it is possible to see all the way through to the white sands of the Kalahari on the bottom;sands that are several hundreds of feet thick.

But Botswana is more than just the Okavango Delta and Kalahari, for there are also many other varied habitats ranging from marshes and riverine forests to dry woodlands and grassland of the Linyanti and Selinda regions to the well known Chobe National Park, which stretches north-eastwards to the junction of Zambia and Zimbabwe and one of the greatest natural wonders of the world; Victoria Falls, which boasts the largest unbroken curtain of water in the world. The falls experience peak flow in April and May, when you can hardly hear your guide to it ebb flow in November when you can walk across the top of the falls or bathe in the Devil’s Pool, just yards from the edge.

Another must visit location is the Magkadigkadi and Nxai Pans, formed from dried up ‘super lakes’ – again caused by the shift in plate techtonics, these pans see the longest annual migration of wildlife outside Tanzania’s Great Migration, with thousands of zebra moving from the far north of the country.

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Additional Botswana Information

If you head south from the Okavango Delta a wilderness experience that will truly stun you awaits, as you head into the heart of the Kalahari Desert. From above its flat, featureless surface appears in places as a barren moonscape but in fact it is not truly a desert but an arid savannah with diverse ecosystems at its edge, home to a diverse range of plants and animals that have successfully adapted to the harsh environment.

To the north-east, grass and palm covered islands and isolated baobab trees bound the shores of an ancient “superlake” covering some 80,000 square kilometres in extent that dried up some 20,000 years ago, leaving behind a sun-baked, salt laden sandy crust, now known as the Makgadigadi Pans. These stretch endlessly, blinding white and as flat as a board to the ruler straight horizon. Not a creature lives here in the dry season, but the pans come to life in February as the rains arrive transforming the region into one of the most important wetland sites in Africa, as huge herds of zebra and gigantic flocks of greater and less flamingos arrive.

Botswana can be combined with Mozambique

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Articles on Botswana

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Where To Go In Botswana

For a unique and authentic safari, with some of the most amazing views and opportunities to see a wide variety of wildlife in their natural habitats, Botswana is the place to visit. Botswana is home to the largest elephant population in Africa, which can be seen in the Chobe National Park. You’ll see a whole assortment of animals in the Chobe River area including crocodiles, hippos and over 400 different types of birds. Victoria Falls is only a short distance across the border from Chobe National Park, and will make for a spectacular day trip.

If you want to witness the amazing migration of zebras and antelope, then visiting the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park won’t disappoint you. If there has been enough rain in this area, you will see thousands of flamingos gathering in the Nata Sanctuary. If you want to see all of the ‘Big Five’ then the Moremi Game Reserve is the place for you.

Where To Stay In Botswana

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When To Go To Botswana

When travelling anywhere new it’s good to understand a little bit more about your destination. Below are a few additional details about Botswana.

Botswana Climate

The climate of Botswana varies depending upon where you’re looking to stay. The closer you are to Okavango, the cooler it will be due to the large amount of water. However, the Kalahari and the surrounding area is much more extreme with it being very hot during the day and much colder at night.

Temperature (°C)

These are the average lows and highs

 JanFebMarApr MayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
High (°C)323131312825252833353432
Low (°C)19191814966913181919

Rainfall (mm)

Average rainfall but will vary according to where you are in Botswana

Avg (mm)11080702573000305095

What To Do In Botswana

Botswana has some of the best views and national parks in Africa. Below, we have a few areas of interest that we recommend you visit on your next vacation to Botswana.

Other Information

When travelling anywhere new it’s good to understand a little bit more about your destination. Below are a few additional details about Botswana.

Capital CityGaborone
Population2 million
LanguageEnglish, Setswana
Time ZoneGMT +2:00