What Animals Might You See on an African Safari?

From game drives and birding safaris to river trips and lake safaris, we have so many different itineraries to suit your interests.

Aerial Safaris In Africa

The ways that you can experience wildlife in Africa is extremely diverse but not all suit all safari goers.

The 5 Best Places to See a Leopard in Africa

Leopards are second only to lions in the Big Cat hierarchy but unlike lions, they live a largely solitary life and hunt alone.

The 7 Best Beaches in Africa

So, what makes a beach a great beach let alone a ‘best’ beach? Perhaps it has the sand that is so white it blinds you or that the sand is just so unbelievably soft. Or the water is crystal blue?  Or it has a stunning and remote location?

African Safaris in November

Are you looking into African safari tours for the month of November? This is a relatively good month to travel; as it’s the first month of the wet season but with no threat of tropical cyclones.

17 Unforgettable things to do in Tanzania

Tanzania is known for its wildlife and national parks, around every corner is a new opportunity for fun experiences.

Where to go on Safari in March

March can be a frustrating month-it’s almost spring, yet the winter cold is still lingering around.

Your Guide to the Great Migration

Whenever mention is made of the annual migration of huge numbers of animals, principally wildebeest and zebra, it always seems to focus on the movement from Tanzania into Kenya across the Mara River.

Why is Africa so Special?..

I first went to Africa in 1998 and encountered its magic with a trip to KwaZulu Natal and the Kruger National Park on a 10 night trip.

When and Where to Go on Safari in Africa

Africa is such a vast and diverse continent, and no two destinations are the same. And with diversity comes variety; so no matter where you go next on your African safari, your experience will be completely unique to the last.