The 7 Best Beaches in Africa

So, what makes a beach a great beach let alone a ‘best’ beach? Perhaps it has the sand that is so white it blinds you or that the sand is just so unbelievably soft. Or the water is crystal blue?  Or it has a stunning and remote location?

6 Signs Of Hope for our endangered species

This week’s blog is about the five signs of hope that we are being given by charities and organisations that are trying to save many different species from becoming extinct.

6 Amazing Locations for a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Africa

On an African safari, you’ll be able to find beauty from every angle. But, one of the best ways to witness its beauty is from a bird’s eye view.

5 Unusual Accommodation Experiences in Africa

Accommodation can sometimes be a little bland, anyone who’s ever stayed at any of any of the big chain hotels – no names mentioned – will not know where they are until they look outside; the accommodation is so ‘corporate’.

5 Romantic Things to Do in Africa

For unadulterated luxury, it simply has to be The Seychelles. An archipelago of more than 100 islands scattered into the Indian Ocean, The Seychelles is a heavenly mix of paradise beaches, untouched coral reefs, national parks and nature reserves, and secluded islands that have just enough room for you and your beau.

5 of the Best Views in Africa You Have to Experience

An Africa safari experience is truly life changing. From the game drives and safari walks to the amazing natural landscapes and luxury camps, everything about a safari holiday is unique and exciting.

5 of the Best Places to Visit in Botswana

The landlocked African country of Botswana is a land of untamed wilderness. Home to uniquely beautiful landscapes and dramatic natural contrasts, the real draw of this country is its wildlife.
Nyika National Park

13 Marvellous Things to do in Malawi

Here are 13 ideas of things to activities to your Malawi bucket list.

5 Lesser Known Tourist Attractions in Africa You Shouldn’t Miss

Africa is a continent of the greats. Great giants that walk the earth, great creatures that roam the waters, and great mountains, lakes and rivers that write the symphony of the landscape and the unique ecosystem that draws in millions of safari visitors every year.

5 of Africa’s Most Intimate Camps...

This week’s blog is on five of Africa’s most intimate camps. Whilst you are on safari, of course you are there to see some of the amazing wildlife that you can’t see anywhere else in the world but you are also there for the holiday of a lifetime so where you stay is very important.