The 17 Best Wildlife Instagram Accounts to Follow

Here at Signature Safaris, we’re passionate about wildlife photography and so are many of our clients who book their dream safari trips with us. From the image of a mother and baby hippo taking a dip in the Okavango Delta to the sight of a cheetah family at kill in the Serengeti, a picture can paint a thousand words and can be a very treasured souvenir for anyone who goes on safari. But with the advancements in mobile technology, you don’t always need a high-tech camera to capture great shots. Here are 17 of the best wildlife Instagram accounts to follow. Great for composition ideas and tips, and fantastic for inspiring your next great shot with us…

  1. @davidlloyd

The well-known wildlife photographer from New Zealand, David Lloyd has long been living in books and magazine prints. You may have come across his work on numerous occasions but now you can get your daily dose through his beautifully shot Instagram account. The images are edited to perfection so that super slick magazine glossiness that you’re used to still lives on through his social media work. He’s the winner of several awards and he is best known for his works on African big cats, The Great Migration, Uganda primates as well as British wildlife.



  1. @christianziegler

Christian Ziegler’s story is an interesting one. He is a tropical biologist by turned photojournalist and he now works for National Geographic. He has a great belief in photos making a difference in the world and we certainly have to agree. Because his images are truly inspiring; they certainly make you want to travel and broaden your horizons, to better understand and respect the incredible nature around us, and to support important conservation projects in the wild. His work focuses very much on close-ups and macro shots, and all the intimate angles that bring us closer to the animals we share a world with. He’s travelled all over the world but spends much of his time in tropical rainforests including Africa’s Madagascar, Bioko Island and the Congo rainforest.



  1. @stevewinterphoto

This Instagram account offers much more than just imagery. It offers a full experience and an exciting journey. Steve Winter is a conservation photojournalist and he’s the sort of man who seems to have done it all and been on the brink of death many, many times before! He’s been attacked by rhinos in India, stalked by jaguars in Brazil and been trapped in quicksand in the world’s biggest tiger reserve in Myanmar. No matter how many terrifying experiences he’s encountered, nothing seems to deter him and his passion for wildlife photography. It seems that he really will go above and beyond for his art, having slept in a tent for 6 months at -40°F to track a snow leopard and having flown over volcanoes as they erupt into the air. Follow his Instagram and you won’t just get glossy images, you’ll get a taste of his life, his crew, the people he meets along the way, the things he sees in real time and his adventures across Africa, India and beyond.



  1. @brianskerry

Brian Skerry is a wildlife photojournalist for National Geographic Magazine and he specialises in marine wildlife and underwater environments. Over the last thirty years of his career, he has dedicated more than 10,000 hours underwater and has travelled all around the world to shoot the most extreme of underwater environments, from the tropical reefs of the Indian Ocean to capturing images beneath polar ice. Brian also regularly lectures on both photography and conservation issues.



  1. @willbl

From capturing the peaceful expressions of a family of lions under the star-sprinkled African night sky to stealing that precise moment when a hyena bears its sharp yellow teeth as it starts to cackle and laugh, photographer Will Burrard-Lucas is all about those fleeting seconds in time. His work also captures the wonderful expressions of many of his subjects which include African big cats, hippos, elephants, monkeys and primates, giraffes, hyenas, buffalo and meerkats. Will Burrard-Lucas is also the founder of Camtraptions, a company which specialises in remote and camera trap photography accessories – so a fantastic photographer to follow if you are looking to improve your own work.



  1. @coryrichards

A NatGeo photographer, an adventurer and filmmaker, Cory Richards is a good all-rounder to follow if you love nature, photography and the outdoors. Follow his Instagram account and what you’ll get is a little bit of everything as he travels and works on new projects around the world. It could be a small herd of elephants crossing a channel in the Okavango Delta, a moving black and white portrait of the Black Rhino nearly poached to extinction in Botswana, the capturing of movement as violent winds form over the sunset on the South Side of Everest, or it could be capturing the meaningful expression of a fellow adventurer. From portraits and landscapes, and places to animals, Cory Richards captures it all.



  1. @joelsartore

We particularly love this Instagram user, Joel Sartore because he photographs animals in extinction in order to reverse the extinction crisis happening all over the world. His animal portraits are not only incredibly interesting and inspiring to look at, but he’s helping to spread the word about endangered species. So if you support conservation, make sure you give Joel a follow and help to share his work.



  1. @paulcolangelo

Paul Colangelo is an environmental documentary photographer and he has a number of works including ‘Salvation Fish’, ‘The Great Migration’, ‘Snakes of Narcisse’, ‘Surviving Todagin’, ‘Sacred Headwaters’ and ‘Hudson Bay Belugas’. His work has been featured in several publications, he’s received numerous awards and grants, and he has had various group and solo exhibitions around the world! Of all his achievements, what we really love about his Instagram is how real and unfiltered his images are.



  1. @rickyohead

This wildlife Instagram account is a little bit different and it belongs to Ricky, a blogger, dad and iPhone user who loves macro mobile photography. He shoots the most spectacular close-ups of vegetation, flowers and insects. From the sight of a caterpillar stuck in a spider’s web to a drop of morning dew falling from a leaf, this Instagram feed lets us get inside the macro world of bugs and plants, and makes us feel like giants with every picture.



  1. @oceanconservancy

Ocean Conservancy is an organisation which dedicates its time to creating science-based solutions for a healthy ocean. Their work is designed to help wildlife, marine life and the communities who depend on the ocean being a safe place such as fisherman and people working in the tourist industry. They promote their great work with inspiring images on Instagram and other social media, and if you love underwater photography or beautiful seascapes, make sure you follow them!



  1. @africanwildlifefoundation

This conservation organisation is definitely one to bookmark if you care about protecting Africa’s wildlife. African Wildlife Foundation works with conservationists and experts to ensure the wildlife and wild lands of Africa will endure forever, and their inspiring images of endangered species as well as images of their workers in action can be seen on Instagram. From photos of local rangers to shots of the endangered rhino population, this feed provides us with a comprehensive look into their conservation work and the importance of it.



  1. @stevenchikosi

Photographer Steven Chikosi takes us on a journey and lets us into his day to day life in beautiful Zimbabwe. Through soulful and thoughtful photography, he captures everything from Zimbabwe’s landscapes, its people, its communities, its roads and cultural centres, and of course the amazing wildlife. It could be something as ordinary as cows grazing in a field or donkeys tugging a cart to crocodiles snapping their jaws at the Kariba reserve to a giraffe eating the leaves from a tree. Steven Chikosi uses interesting composition and bright colours to share the vibrancy of his homeland, revealing everything from nature to the people who live among it.



  1. @andrewsilentwildlife

Andrew White is a DSWF education advisor and Southern Africa expedition leader and he’s currently working on a Kickstarter book project called “An Elephant Called Zambezi” which is set to be a photographic publication that celebrates the rehabilitation of elephants who have been orphaned due to the actions of human society and the illegal act of poaching. When an elephant calf under 2.5 years old loses its mother, it will not survive so elephant orphanages and elephant sanctuaries in Africa work to give these babies another chance. Andrew’s Instagram reveals some stunning images of baby elephants as well as other amazing wildlife photography gathered along his travels in Africa.



  1. @wildlifeplanet

The @wildlifeplanet Instagram account is one to follow if you want daily updates. Sharing and re-posting a huge collection of other people’s images and photography, @wildlifeplanet brings together the most inspiring shots taken from around the world by amateurs and professionals. From an image of a lioness carrying her baby cub in her mouth in the Masai Mara to a close-up of a husky dog covered in snow in Colorado, this account shares the most wonderful images from every corner of the globe. To enter your own images to be featured, just contact the administrator direct on and if you have a weakness for cute cubs, make sure you follow their other account which is dedicated to adorable photos of baby animals!



  1. @margotraggettphotography

The wildlife and safari photography world is quite often dominated by men – or so it feels. So it’s good to have a female photographer on our list. Margot Raggett considers herself to be a wildlife photographer and wildlife protector, and she’s also the founder of the Remembering Elephants project. Remembering Elephants is a fundraising hardback book and features work from some of the world’s most renowned wildlife photographers including Art Wolfe and Michael Poliza. All funds raised after the sale of the books will be donated to the Born Free Foundation, and the money will be used to help with on-the-ground anti-poaching initiatives, elephant action plans and educational outreach to spread awareness on the impact of poaching. Margot’s Instagram is a brilliant showcase of some of her best work and many have already commended her upcoming fundraising book to have the potential to become a true collectors’ item.



  1. @richardpetersphoto

Richard Peters is a British photographer who was awarded “European Wildlife Photographer of the Year” and is also a Nikon ambassador. So if you shoot with a Nikon and you want tips and inspiration, Richard Peters is the one to follow. His work is artistically composed, with a minimalistic feel and intense subject focus. His animal portraits reveal expressions, emotions or often show them in action – and his style can be defined by dramatic lighting. Alongside his incredible photography work, Richard also hosts talks and regularly writes for leading photography publications in the UK. He is also a contributor to the Remembering Elephants Born Free Foundation fundraising book pioneered by Margot Raggett (mentioned above) and he has also written an e-book on wildlife photography for photographers at all levels.



  1. @theglobalphotographer

Photographer Andy Biggs considers himself to be many things; an avid adventurer, a conservationist; a teacher, an outdoor enthusiast, a lover of bacon and a drinker of pinot noir. Hi fun-loving attitude shines through his work and his Instagram page, and whilst following some adventurists on social media can sometimes feel surreal or even slightly intimidating, there’s something very accessible and friendly about Andy’s Instagram account. His incredible photography work celebrates the African landscape and its rich wildlife, people and culture and he seems just as fascinated by humans as he is by animals in the wild – which probably explains his approachability. Not only does Andy share images of his travels and his work, but he also shares photos of his family. Great if you don’t just want to follow a photographer, but want to follow a personality.




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