Zambia is the home of some of Africa’s most beautiful and exciting walking safaris and of course, the home of one of the largest waterfalls in the world – Victoria Falls. With so much to do and see all year round, you will never be disappointed if you choose to travel to Zambia for your safari holiday but we have written a short guide on what you will be getting/missing depending on the time of year that you travel. Whether you’re travelling for the great game and the ‘Big Five’ or to visit the impressive Victoria Falls or spend time looking at the abundant nature and birdlife it is important that you know what to expect when you get there and this can vary dependant on the time of year!

Zambia may be a landlocked country, but there are three brilliant rivers which provide fertile land for the people of Zambia and work as great watering spots for the animals which makes Zambia a perfect destination for your next safari holiday with its varied landscape which suits every safari goer as offers so much variety in both views and wildlife. Although Zambia’s other neighbouring countries may have steady roads for you to travel on, Zambia does not offer you this and so it is a little tricky to get around if you are not prepared! When you do decide to travel, you will enjoy the country’s off-the-beaten-path appeal with the laid-back crowds. Due to Zambia sitting on a plateau, it is rare for you to ever find the weather here unbearably hot which is perfect for if you are looking to explore without baking.

Zambia’s dry season runs through May to October and is the driest time of year to travel. It is the best time for you to visit if you want to enjoy game viewing as there is less vegetation and you are sure to find a large gathering of animals around the watering holes at this time of year. The skies will be clear with little to no rain and very few mosquitoes – ideal! If you are looking to travel to Zambia to see the magnificent Victoria Falls then this is the time of year for you to travel – particularly between June and September as that is when the water level will be relatively low which means there will be less spray obstructing your views and photos. We advise that you pack water-proof layers if you are visiting Victoria Falls and make sure to pack both warm and cool clothing for game safaris which you can choose to take part at any time of the day.

Zambia’s wet season runs from November through to April and is the perfect time to travel if you are on a budget and want smaller crowds. This is the perfect time of year for bird watching as many migratory birds will be visible. Although this is the ‘wet season’, rain showers in Zambia don’t usually last very long and they definitely would never interrupt the activities of your day. If you are looking to visit Victoria Falls during this time of year, you must remember that the water flow can come to a halt during the months of October to December so make sure to plan your trip from January onwards – and pack light waterproofs!

We hope that you have enjoyed the blog and that you will consider when is best for you to travel and then book your safari – it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and not to be missed out on.