The Seychelles is a magical place to be, especially for those old romantics and honeymooning couples or luxury seekers who just can’t get enough of the good life. Other than being home to the best beaches in the world, the beauty of the Seychelles Islands is the weather. An all year round warm tropical climate makes the islands in the Seychelles a dream destination in any season. But if you have certain interests (such as beach and relaxation, bird watching, or surfing and water sports), there may be some months that are better for travelling than others. Read on for some tips on the best time to visit the  Seychelles according to your holiday interests.

Best Time for Good Weather

All year tropical weather makes the Seychelles Islands a great place to travel to at any time. But the optimum months are the transitional periods between the wet and dry season. Go in April / May or October / November to benefit from warm, dry days and cool nights.

Anse Cocos, La Digue, Seychelles’ by Jean-Marie Hullot

Best Time for Beaches

It’s also important to bear in mind the seasonal seaweed which washes up on the shores and detracts from the picture perfect beaches. Seaweed can be found closer to the coastline from May to September when the cooler, drier South East trade winds arrive. Not only can this take away from the pristine looking beauty of the shoreline, but it can also make it harder to swim in the sea.

‘Anse Gaulettes’ by Stéphane Enten

Best Time for Diving

The best months for diving are between May and September when the water is at its calmest and visibility is at an all-time high. During these months, visibility is up to 30 metres! And to top it off, the ocean stays at a delightful 29-30°C, making it blissful for swimming. But don’t worry if you don’t happen to go travelling during these months, as snorkelling can be delightful all year round and makes a great alternative to diving. Snorkelling is also a great activity for people of all ages, including children which makes it ideal for families looking to book a luxury break in the Seychelles.


‘Shoal of Damsel Fish’ by Matt Kieffer

Best Time for Bird Watching

Another fantastic activity in the Seychelles is birdwatching and it attracts many travellers every single year. Visit the islands during breeding season in April, witness nesting of Sooty Terns on Bird Island from May to September, or watch the migration in October time.

‘Sooty Tern (Onychoprion fuscata)’ by Ron Knight

Best Time for Outdoor Activities

Although the South East trade winds can create a build-up of seasonal seaweed, making the beaches less postcard perfect and tougher for swimming, the months from May to September form the ideal time for outdoor enthusiasts or water sport enthusiasts to come to the Seychelles. The weather is perfect for hiking, walking and nature trails. Walking routes such as Anse Major, Cassedent and Copolia are popular at this time and keen surfers will get the best swells off the shores of Mahe Island, La Digue Island, Praslin Island and Silhouette Island.

‘104_0472’ by Tiarescott