The 25 Best Safari Videos on the Web

The 25 Best Safari Videos on the Web

For many people, going on a safari holiday comes pretty high up on their bucket list – and it’s not hard to see why. The opportunity to see some of the world’s most majestic and awe inspiring animals in their natural habitat has enormous appeal.

Although, unlike a zoo, the wilds of Africa don’t always play by the rules and there is always a chance that you’ll encounter the unexpected, whether it be a lion trying to open your car door or finding yourself parked in the middle of an Impala hunt.

Here are 25 of our favourite Safari Videos:

Cheetah Chases Impala Antelope Into Tourist’s Car on Safari

Cheetahs are the fastest land animal on the planet and there an estimated 12,000 remaining in the wild. There main diet is small, hoofed animals such as the Impala and Gazelle. To maintain control at such high speeds, Cheetahs use their tails to steer – similar to how a rudder steers a boat.

You can spot these wonderful animals in the wild at a number of locations in Africa, including the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

Elephant chasing Cars

Elephants are very intelligent creatures and live in very close knit groups called herds. They can grow up to 14ft tall and weigh up to 15,000lbs (the weight of 3 small cars!), so it’s definitely not ideal when a full grown male start’s chasing your Safari Jeep. Although with a top speed of around 25mph, you should be able to drive away!

Included as one of the Big Five safari animals, you can see wild African Elephants at Etosha National Park in Namibia and the Kruger National Park in South Africa, among other places.

Rhino Charges and Attacks Car in Kruger National Park

There are two types of Rhinoceros in Africa, the Black Rhino and the White Rhino. They are the second largest land mammal after the Elephant and can weigh up to 7,000lbs and reach a top speed of 30mph!

Rhinos are not only found in Kruger National Park, but can also be seen in the Okavango Delta, Etosha National Park and the Masai Mara.

Cheetah Jumps Into Safari-Jeep And Whats Happens Next Is Unbelievable!

Cheetahs are curious animals and will investigate anything new in their environment, something these safari goers found out…

Leopard Kills Impala In Mid-Air

Impala are very quick animals and can reach speeds of 50mph, which is actually faster than a Leopards top speed of 39mph – no wonder the Leopard took a chance and went for this Impala mid air.

2 Male Lions Kill Kudu in the Middle of the Road

Kudu are big, majestic members of the Antelope family and can weigh up to 270kg. Found throughout South East Africa, they prefer to live in the bush lands and dense forest areas as their colourings offer them camouflage – something this Kudu was lacking in the middle of the road.

Lion Opens Car Door

Proof that the ‘Doors Locked At All Times’ warning sign is one worth reading…

Hippo Chases Boat!

Despite their size and short legs, Hippos can reach speeds of 15mph and sometimes 30mph in short spurts. Also because of their size they prefer not to swim, although their body fat makes them buoyant enough to stay afloat, they prefer instead to wade through water – so this boat must have done something bad to make a Hippo angry enough to swim!

Leaping Lion Catches Antelope In Mid-Air Attack

Antelopes are fast and nimble when under attack, a fact this Lion probably knew all too well – no wonder it took saw an opportunity and took it.

Clumsy Baby Elephant

Baby elephants are often regarded as one of the cutest animals around. This one having a stumble does nothing to disprove this.

Lion vs Buffalo

Buffalo are not animals to be messed with, this is why Lions tend to take one on in a pride or small hunting pack. One on one, a Lion is no match for the Buffalo’s strength and deadly horns.

Man Accepted By Lions

Not all Lions are aggressive in nature as the above video proves, but for a human to be accepted in this way is truly something special.

Elephant Attacks Safari Jeep

As majestic as Elephants are, if they feel you are threatening them or their Memory (yes, a group of Elephants is called a Memory) they can become very territorial and protective.

Lion Shows Tourists Why You Must Stay Inside Your Car

When you go on safari, don’t lean out of the car window when you’re feet from a fully grown Lion. If you want a better picture, buy a better lens.

Elephant Attacks A Car

Lions Attack A Car In Ngorongoro

Kudu Jumps Over A Car To Escape From A Lion

Despite weighing over 200kg, Kudu are very powerful and fast animals. Even so, hurdling a car with such ease is no easy task.

In A Tight Spot With Lions

This video shot at Kruger National Park goes to show that getting the perfect safari photo isn’t always worth the consequences.

Lion Warns Tourists In 4×4 Not To Get Closer

Intense Leopard Fight

Both the video above and below add further proof that the physical prowess of Leopards is astounding!

Leopard Carries A Rhino Up A Tree

Animals See Their Own Reflections – Brilliant Reactions!

Mirrors to use are nothing out of the ordinary, but imagine not knowing what a mirror was? The reactions of some of these animals is brilliant, a real mixture of fear, confusion and aggression! I think the Chimpanzees worked it out though…

Mountain Biker Taken Out By a Buck!

Let’s go for a bike ride, what can go wrong? Well, turns out quite a lot if you’re not aware of your surroundings.

Rhino and Hippo on a Date Night

Proof that Rhinos and Hippos can get along! Although, they might both look quite similar and live in the same habitats – they’re not related species. The Rhino’s closest living relative is actually the Donkey, while Hippos are closely related to Dolphins!

Lions Attack Giraffe. Giraffe Wins

Giraffe’s are often seen as comedy characters with their long necks and legs, but as this one proves – they can more than stand up for themselves.

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