Best Places To Visit In The Congo

Best Places To Visit In The Congo

Don’t get The Republic of Congo confused with The Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s quite a common mistake to make! Once you’ve separated the two countries in your mind, and realize that the Republic of Congo actually makes for a truly unique African holiday it’s time to find out about the top places to visit there.

Batéké Plateau National Park

A better way to refer to this park is as ‘Gorilla Land.’ One of Africa’s highlights is its wildlife population, and this national park doesn’t disappoint. Its natural and cultural significance has earned it a UNESCO National Heritage Site title, giving it recognition worldwide.


The park stretches for about 2,034 kilometers and spans from the Congolese border through the very southern part of Gabon. Visitors will find the park full of scrublands, grassy savannahs, and thick forests as well as elephants, monkeys, tigers, birds, and gorillas. Due to the laid back political system, the park is easy to visit and can be explored by boat and also by foot.

Parc National d’Odzala

This is the oldest national park in Africa and is known as Congo’s calling card. Founded in 1935, this park stretches for 13,600 kilometers and is known as one of the most important areas in Central Africa for western gorilla and forest elephant conservation.


The entire area is made up of various habitats including savannah, rivers, and forests. Wildlife here is vast and includes such species as hyena, forest buffalo, hippo, crocodile, giant forest hog, elephants, and apes.

Loufoulakari & Livingstone Falls

Don’t leave The Congo without a visit to these waterfalls. The series of more than 30 rapids make this destination quite a sight. They play a huge role in the flow of the Congo River as well as the visual landscape of the area. Make sure to bring your camera; you’ll want to capture this natural beauty.

Livingstone Falls

Parc National Conkouati-Douli

This park is one of the newest and most diverse in the Congo. It is a coastal national park that has also been recognized by UNESCO and contains various ethnic villages. It has been an active conservation area since 1980 but became a national park back in 1999.


Guests to the park can see the flow of the Noumbi River, as well as forests, wetlands, and lagoons. It is also full of marine life, forest elephants, leopards, gorillas, buffalo, bushpigs, turtles, dolphins and chimpanzees.

La Côte Sauvage

This is considered the most popular beach located on ‘The Wild Coast.’ While the coast may be considered wild, there are all of the amenities that you would expect from a public beach. Visitors can come here and grab a cold beer and some lunch in one of the nearby restaurants while hanging out on the sand. A visit here is a great way to escape the crowds while getting in some sun and fresh seafood at the same time.



Rwenzori Mountain Range

Also known as the “Mountains of the Moon”, this mountain range borders The Congo and Uganda, supporting glaciers and contributing to the flow of The Nile River. Aside from admiring them from afar, the mountain range is home to Rwenzori Mountains National Park and Virunga National Park, where visitors can explore the fascinating nature.

Virunga National Park

If you are planning on visiting Africa, then The Republic of Congo is a great place to add to your itinerary. With an ease of travel that welcomes tourists, it also offers more of an ‘off the beaten track’ experience that will leave you with unique photos and memories. Are you ready to plan your next trip?


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