The 7 Best Beaches in Mozambique

This week’s blog is a guide to the seven best beaches in Mozambique. Mozambique is quite often left off the list when holiday destinations are being considered but if there is one reason to consider Mozambique it is the fact that you will struggle to find beaches as beautiful anywhere else in the world. Its never-ending coastline against the Indian Ocean boasts miles and miles of sandy shores with palm trees, clear waters and colourful fish and you are truly missing out if you don’t take the chance to go and see it all for yourself…

First up we have Tofo Bay which is one of the most popular beach towns in the whole of Mozambique and has become a focus point for travellers along the Eastern coast of Africa. This beachside town features some great nightlife, restaurants and has a laid-back vibe perfect so it isn’t hard to see why this place has become so popular with all of this and its stunning stretches of beach. Here, you can find one of the biggest turtle conservation programs in the world and get the opportunity to get up close and see the marine wildlife for yourself here by diving and snorkelling in the clear waters. There are countless things to do here including surfing, arts and crafts as well as beach soccer and the locals love to enjoy traditional ‘Braai’ barbeque right on the beach.

Next up we have Praia do Wimbe in Pemba which is a picture-perfect beach with palm fringed coastline, clear blue waters and powdery soft sands. This beach is ideal as it is simply stunning but doesn’t attract the same tourist crowds that some of the other more lively beaches do which makes it the perfect place for a romantic stroll or just somewhere to soak up the beauty of Mozambique and instead of being able to see modern yachts in the distance, you’ll see nothing but traditional fishing boats heading into the horizon. This beach is truly beautiful and one that should be visited by everyone who is planning their next holiday to Mozambique.

Benguerra Island is a stunning, secluded island which is the second largest of the Bazaruto Archipelago. The views here are simply breathtaking and can be experienced from every angle of the island. If you are lucky you may get the chance to see the resident humpback dolphin and if you choose to delve into the clear waters then you will get the opportunity to swim amongst sting rays, white tip sharks and green turtles just to name a few! Not only does Benguerra Island boast stretches of beautiful beaches but inland on the island is full of forests, wetlands and freshwater lakes which just adds to the magic of this place.

The Lighthouse beach is in the north of the beautiful subtropical island of Inhaca which can be easily reached from Maputo Bay. It is just one of the stunning beaches on this island which you must explore. For just a small donation here, you can get the chance to go up to the top of the lighthouse and experience the 360 degree views of the islands and the ocean. Although this beach is in the north of the island, there are six major dive sites around the southern and western parts of the island and many of Inhaca’s beaches offer activities such as water sports, fishing and sunset cruises.

Beira, in Sofala Province, is the second largest city in Mozambique and it is home to some of the best beaches in the country. Macuti Shipwreck is a favourite here and can be found between Club Náutico and the Macuti Lighthouse. Make sure that you have the chance to get a closer look at the shipwreck as in high tide it is almost completely submerged. This is a beautiful beahc with some fascinating history so make sure that you read up on it before going to visit this beach to get the full experience!

Praia de Macaneta is known for its huge waves and excellent surfing conditions but there are other attractions of this beach besides the great surf. This beach seems to have never-ending stretches of golden sand and there are never overcrowded areas which is great for when you want to have some relaxing holiday time away from the bustling resorts to soak up the beautiful surroundings here. This is the closest beach resort to Maputo in Southern Mozambique and is just a short ferry ride across from the Nikomati River along the coast.

Last, but certainly not least is Ibo Island Beach. This lovely island beach is set right on the edge of the Quirimbas National Park and so offers some stunning green scenery as well as soft white sands and clear waters. Here, you can get to dive some of Africa’s richest coral reefs in the waters here and get close to some of the prettiest marine biology you will ever get the chance to. This beach is often very quiet and tranquil which makes it perfect for a romantic getaway as there is no-one around to disturb you and the scenery here is breathtaking.

We hope that this blog has opened your eyes to some of the wonders that await you in Mozambique and that perhaps when you are thinking about your next beach holiday you will consider some of these beach resorts…