African Safaris in January

African Safaris in January

This month takes us into Africa’s peak summer period, so you can bank on early sunrises and later sunsets. Which means plenty of daylight for full days of safari adventures. Temperatures are also high in the daytime and mild/cool in the evening. And as it’s the wet season, rain showers can often be expected (although they rarely last long) and you may be lucky enough to witness one of the spectacular thunderstorms. They’re awe-inspiring to watch and often a professional photographer’s dream. Here are some of the best safaris for the month of January:


Tanzania’s Serengeti Park is a superb destination in January and will continue to be just as great in February and March too. At the beginning of the calendar year, the first herds of the Great Migration will reach the Ndutu plains and will be preparing for the main calving weeks of February. So game viewing is ideal at this time, and you may even be able to catch early calving in late January.

elephants mother

Because predator activity is heightened, there will be plenty to see as you watch nature’s food chain unfold. During the early months of the year, the Serengeti is the best place in the entire continent to view the Cheetah. But other parks including the Selous, Manyara and Tarangire are also worth visiting. Tanzania has a stable climate throughout the year, with temperatures around 30°C and with a bit of rainfall in January.


Rain and thunderstorms may be heavy, but don’t let the showers stop you from visiting Botswana. As the wildlife will be approaching calving season, providing excellent viewing and a unique safari experience that you won’t get any other time of year. Due to the calving, predator activity will also be high at this time and summer migrant birds will be very easy to spot. Whilst humidity is high in January, the temperature will be hot but still manageable (ranging from 26°C and 32°C).

botswana bird


This beautiful beach destination in Africa is just as wonderful in January despite it being the wet season. This month sees the heaviest rainfall, but there’s plenty of sunshine and the showers never last too long so you will still have ample time to sunbathe on the beach. This is also a good season for fishing (game fishing such as Marlin, Sail Fish and Wahoo) and the best time to spot rare birds.

beach Mozambique

Although not considered to be one of the top birding destinations in Africa, its diverse ecosystems see over 600 species of birds, including rare species of Cuckoo and many migratory species. Located not too far from Botswana, Mozambique is ideal for the twin themed safari holiday in January time.

The Seychelles

The lovely all year round temperature makes The Seychelles generally a very popular destination at any time. And with the most exclusive private islands and resorts, a trip to the Seychelles islands is perfect for honeymooning couples. There is on average more rain between November and January, but with it being outside of the typhoon/monsoon belt, bad weather is rare.


During this time, the waves on Mahe’s south western beaches will be calmer so it’s a great month for swimming and snorkeling. Diving is excellent all year round and the beginning of nesting season for turtles begins in January.


A safari holiday to Malawi can be superb at the beginning of the year for game viewing. The best places for this are the Majete and Liwonde National Park where you can see some or even all of the Big Five (the lion, the African elephant, cape buffalo, the leopard, and rhinoceros). Other animals you can spot include antelopes and herds of black rhino.


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