African Safaris in November

Are you looking into African safari tours for the month of November? This is a relatively good month to travel; as it’s the first month of the wet season but with no threat of tropical cyclones. Most safari destinations are considered ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ for game viewing opportunities in November. Here are the best African safaris in November:


The best game viewing months for Mozambique are between September and November, so this is a fantastic time to travel. The country has a tropical climate, so you can expect it to be humid and very hot during the rainy season. Average temperatures in November are around 28 °C.


This month is also known as the ‘emerald season’ in Gorongosa National Park, a great time to witness the lush greenery and the perfect time for birding. Rollers, Kingfishers, Bee Eaters, Cuckoos, Black Coucal and more return from winter so it’s a fantastic time to bird spot. You can find out plenty more about what Mozambique has to offer here.


November is a great month for Tanzania safaris as the majority of the country’s best camps will reduce their rates, so travelling could be much more affordable. Light rain is expected and whilst the weather can sometimes affect game down south, the Great Migration through the Serengeti and Ngorongoro National Park remain spectacular. Tanzania is also a superb destination for twin themed holidays, giving you access to both wildlife and beach. And with the start of summer and the sun setting later and rising earlier, November really is a great time to explore both Tanzania’s game safaris and the Dar es Salaam coastline or one of the many beautiful islands.



Beautiful Botswana offers excellent game viewing in November, but the trade in is that there may be a few thunderstorms. Despite it being the beginning of summer, this is also when the rain arrives. However, this shouldn’t put you off your safari and the dramatic storms can often be a photographer’s dream. The temperatures are very hot during this time, likely to reach anywhere between 30-40°C which is something to bear in mind if you want to avoid the hottest time of the year.


This stunning archipelago covering more than one million square kilometres of coral islands is wonderful between November and March. These months form the green season, with warm sea temperatures and excellent visibility for diving (up to 40 metres). There’s a chance of rain but it’s also the transition period between the hot, humid trade winds and the cooler winds – so both sea and weather are ideal. November is also the perfect time for a honeymoon, as to avoid the busy school holiday season, the Easter holidays or the Christmas period.



The weather can be somewhat unpredictable during November; mostly hot and dry but also with a chance of thunderstorms, usually towards the backend of the month. Average temperatures reach over 30°C and can sometimes be quite humid. With it being the onset of calving season, there will be plenty of predator activity in Etosha National Park so feeding and game viewing will be very good. This is also a good time to head south to Namib-Naukluft National Park as birding is excellent and beautiful flowers are thriving to brighten up the desert scenery.

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