Sailing – in Africa sailboats come in many different forms, from small self crewed dinghies offered at most beach resorts as part of a more comprehensive water-sport activities package including canoeing, kayaking and windsurfing, through to single or multiple hulled yachts that can be chartered for your sole use. Danforth Lodge on Lake Malawi has Mfusa, a 12 metre catamaran that sleeps four, is fully crewed, equipped with scuba equipment and can be used for day excursion or multi-night trips. It’s an amazing way to glide silently over Lake Malawi – unless like we did, you plug in your i-Pod for some Pink Floyd.

The Indian Ocean beach resorts of Mozambique and Tanzania offer traditional dhows, probably the most romantic way to spend a day or just a tranquil way to watch the sun set. The choice is yours.

Ibo Island off the Indian Ocean coast of Mozambique offers an island hopping safari, where you sleep out on uninhabited islands, cook over an open fire and really, really relax.

Top Tips for Sailing

  • listen to the brief given to you by the  resort staff (if a self crewed dinghy) or your captain and crew if a more formal sailing excursion.
  • life-jackets should be offered, if they are not, ask the crew for one if you’d prefer to wear one.
  • on the dhow type of crewed sailing excursion there will usually be a chance for a swim before sun-downers are served.

Sailing – alone with your thoughts on the water.

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