Rhino Tracking

Rhino Tracking – a walk in Africa allows you to not just see, but to get a feel for the real Africa. Having a bush walk with a purpose offers another dimension entirely – especially when you are tracking the endangered black or white Rhinoceros!  Your guide will be highly trained, usually armed (just in case) and will get you close to the rhino(s) as is safe.

You will generally go out in a small group (4-6 people), leave your vehicle when one is spotted and your rhino tracking experience begins. You’ll be briefed as to what you should do and who goes where in the party. You’ll approach on foot in single file to a safe distance to observe these magnificent creatures.

Locations where you can experience rhino tracking is in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park near Livingstone in Zambia and at Wilderness Safari’s Desert Rhino Camp in Northern Namibia.

The eyesight of a rhinoceros is poor but his sense of smell and hearing is far better than ours, so be aware.

Top Tips for Rhino Tracking

  • although their eyesight is poor, muted greens, greys and khaki coloured clothing remains the best choice. Wearing a Hawaiian shire is not a good idea – I’ve seen someone do just that!
  • do not wear aftershave or perfume, they may not see you but they sure as eggs are eggs, they will smell you.
  • listen to your guide, he is the expert. Stay in single file whilst on the move and stop when he does so. Do not break away from the group to get a better picture – it’s not generally a good idea.
  • do not chatter.

Rhino Tracking – an experience not to be missed.

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