Quad Biking

Quad Biking – is a fantastic way to cover the ground and have fun at the same time. Not the quietest way to get around but it has its place on safari. Especially so in the soft sandy regions of southern Africa where traditional 4×4 safari vehicles such as the Land Rover Defender or Toyota Landcruiser would struggle. Areas such as those found in Sossusvlei in the south-western parts of Namibia, in the Magakadigkadi & Nxai Pans in southern Botswana where a hard crust cover a thick and wheel clogging layer beneath and in those areas of Africa where wildlife is sparse and so the effect are limited.

There are two main types of quad bike – the fully automatic ones, where you have just throttler and brakes and are very easy to drive and those that have gears, operated by your feet, just like a motorbike. These are a little harder to master and you need to match the gear you are in with the conditions your driving through and therefore the speed of the quad.

Whichever one you have the chance to ride, jump at the chance; it’s an enthralling experience and although it can be a little noisy, it somehow seems to accentuate the utter silence and remoteness of the area you’re traversing. You’ll be trained in their use and guided by an experienced member of your camp’s team, who not only will explain how to operate the quad bike but will also, in my experience, subtly watch how you are getting on before you leave camp and then keep an eye on you.

Top Tips for Quad Biking

  • pay attention to your guide at all times
  • wear the protective clothing offered usually a crash helmet and goggles – the latter being  a must in sandy regions.
  • wear appropriate shoes – flips flops are not appropriate
  • be aware of any wildlife around and be prepared to slow down and stop if told to do so.
  • enjoy

Quad Biking – a fun way to get around in difficulty environments.


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