Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning – a hot air balloon flight over the vast open spaces of Africa is an experience not to be missed – the anticipation of the launch, the tranquility of the flight and the promise of what you might see all adding to the feeling of adventure.

The balloons in Africa tend to be of the larger variety and take up to 16 passengers.

Generally a hot air ballooning experience starts with an early morning wake-up call and a safari transfer to the launch site to meet the pilot and ground crew and to watch the inflation of the balloon. You’ll also get to meet the rest of the ‘flyers’ as the balloons tend to take between 10-15 pac, depending on its specifications. The contrast of a still, silent African dawn when compared to the sound and sight of the burners filling the envelope it incredibly noticeable.

Once airborne the pilot skillfully guides your balloon over the landscape, getting comfortably close (albeit above) whatever wildlife happens to be in its path. The landing shows just how skillful these pilots are given that they only have no power.

There are though only a limited number of launch sites available for early morning balloon flights but the areas that offer them include the Serengeti in Tanzania, with its endless savannah plains and Sossusvlei in Namibia, renown for the sea of sand stretching to the horizon,

Top Tips for Hot Air Ballooning

  • dress warmly as the flights are usually in the early morning and it will be chilly until the sun comes up.
  • take a hat as when the burner ignites you will be amazed just how hot your head will become.
  • make sure that your camera has memory on its card and is charged – ballooning is not inexpensive and to have no record of you flight would be a great shame.
  • a good set if binoculars is also a good idea as you’ll get a whole different perspective on your location

Having landed, hopefully softly, enjoy the usual champagne bush breakfast with your balloon crew and fellow flyers.

Hot Air Ballooning  – a great way to start your safari day.

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