Guided Walking

Guided Walking – as someone once said “to go on safari by vehicle is to see Africa but to go on foot is to breathe and feel Africa”. How totally true.

For safety or (national park rule) reasons not all lodges are able to offer walking safaris but we know those that do and it is an experience not to be missed. You will be accompanied by a highly qualified ranger (often armed) who will brief you before you depart on the lodge on all aspects of the walk. Above all else now is not the time to wear that new Hawaiian shirt you brought with you for the beach! Soft neutral colours are best.

The walk will be just that – a walk, not a hike, so specialist boots are not required, just comfortable shoes. And like a mokoro excursion, your guide will point out things that you may not have seen from your safari vehicle – the plant life and the animal spoor.

The South Luangwa in Zambia is famed for their walking safaris but many lodges in Botswana and Malawi also offer this ‘must do’ experience.

Check out Mkulamadzi in Malawi and Nkwali & Nsefu in South Luangwa for premier walking camps.

Top Tips for Guided Walking

  • more so than for any other type of safari activity, listen very carefully to the briefing that your game ranger gives you
  • as above but then do as he says
  • look where you are treading and be alert, both with your eyes and your ears and don’t be afraid of bringing something to the ranger’s notice; he will decide whether it is relevant or not
  • carry a day sack with everything you may need especially water
  • if you need a comfort stop, tell your ranger; DO NOT just hop behind a bush.

Guided Walking – the best way to experience the real Africa.

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