Night Game Drives

Night Game Drives – having watched your African sunset (no doubt with a gin & tonic – or other appropriate beverage in hand), your night game drive will usually begin – although sometimes though your drive starts after dinner or during dinner if something special is heard – either way your lodge will advise you accordingly.

A night drive offers a total different experience to a day drive, your senses are sharper and you are very much focused on the area lit by either the vehicle headlights or by the sweep of the lamp in the expert hands of your game ranger. The sounds of the bush also play a large part in the experience with the calls of animals warning others of any approaching danger.

The sort of animals you might see at night include bush babies, porcupine, servel, genet, African civet, honey-badger, hyena, bat-eared fox, aardvark and aardwolf, and if you are lucky come across a stalking leopards or a pride of lion hunting.

Generally the drive will last a couple of hours before you return to your lodge for a cup of hot coffee or something a little stronger sitting around the fire in the boma.

Top Tips for Night Game Drives

  • dress warmly, you won’t enjoy the experience if you’re shivering and wishing you were elsewhere
  • adjust your camera and whatever lenses you might take, prior to leaving camp – when you spot a leopard it might just be too late!
  • even more so than during day game drives, take whatever you may need such as a hat, gloves, water etc in a small day sack or anything that keeps them all together; it’s far too easy to drop something and to not notice.
  • take a torch – not to try to find the wildlife – but to help you find anything you may need

Night Game Drives – a totally different experience from anything you’ve ever done before.

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