Fishing – Rivers & Lakes

Fishing – Rivers & Lakes – there is a saying that ‘time spent fishing is not deducted from one’s time on earth’…………, well perhaps it’s time to try out this most genteel of past-times and see what happens!

Africa offers a wide range of opportunities to spend a few quiet ‘unaccountable’ hours with rod in hand, from ‘catch and release’ fishing its rivers and lakes for Tiger Fish on the mighty Zambezi River, on either the Zambian or Zimbabwe sides, at camps such as Toka Leya. Lagoon fishing in available in Botswana at camps such as DumaTau where it is often best to go out late in the afternoon when catfish seem to take the bait all too readily and then finish with a G&T before going back to your lodge for dinner. In Malawi shore-line or boat based fishing on Lake Malawi is the local inhabitants main source of food and a way of life . Lodges such as Danforth Lodge on the southern end of Lake Malawi is an excellent location and the lodge can provide everything you need for a days’ fishing.

Top Tips for Fishing – Rivers & Lakes

  • if you’re not taking your own fishing tackle, then check out what you are hiring and make sure that it’s all serviceable and everything you need is there (rod, line, thermos flask etc)
  • listen to your guide, he’s local and will know where to make your pitch, what sort of fish you are likely to catch and which lure or bait you need to do so.
  • if the fishing is ‘catch and release’ as in the case at many wildlife lodges where conservation is a strong theme, then please stick to the rules and their spirit. Tasty as catfish is, I still prefer the salmon the lodges’ chefs serve.

As an aside, did you know that more people fish than play football, so which is really our national sport?



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