About Signature African Safaris

“I liked it so much, I bought the company!!”


Welcome to Signature Safaris.

My name is Simon Lacey and I am at the heart of Signature Safaris but I’ll tell you about how I came to fall in love with Africa a little later……………. it’s a great story.

I left school in the late 1970’s and went into the City, where I worked in Commercial Lending, the type that had morals rather than the ‘casino’ type, for a UK based and a couple of overseas banks. Looking back on it the work was soulless but the people I got to meet were great. The financial skills I picked up over my twenty of so years in the City were to prove to be incredibly useful to me when the safari bug bit.

At the same time as I began working in the City I also joined the Territorial Army and a year later, having spent almost every weekend and all my holiday under training, I passed out of Sandhurst as a pretty green, but keen, Second Lieutenant. The following years taught me awful lot about life in general but specifically logical thinking, man-management and planning. I retired from the Army in 1993 as a young Major.

I left the City, or rather it left me, in 1998 when I booked my first safari with a small African specialist, who also happened to be my neighbours in the small village in which I lived in Sussex. The utterly incredible feeling of space, the warmth and friendliness of the African people, its amazing and varied scenery and, of course, its wildlife, changed by life. And although I continued to work in the finance industry my heart was now elsewhere; over 5,000 miles elsewhere, in fact.

The ‘game changer’ came in October of 1999 when my neighbours, over a pie and a pint in the local, announced that they’d like to sell the company and ……….would I like to buy it??!! Having spilt my pint and said pardon (or something similar), we started the many hours of conversation which resulted in my becoming the owner of what would, a few years later, become Signature Safaris.

That first day in June 2000 was the beginning of my journey, quite literally to, and within, Africa.

Our approach to what we do is we think a little different to most other companies, we like to get to know our clients, their likes and dislikes, their preferred style of accommodation and their travel dreams and nightmares. Only then can we start to make recommendations of the where, the what and the when.

A visit to your house to discuss what you’d like to do would be our pleasure.

We choose our partners in Africa carefully looking for small intimate properties in remote wilderness areas wherever possible. Our ethos is very firmly one of sustainable tourism – for the wildlife, the land and its people. All of our partners have a conservation programme or programmes whose aims and values we share.

So, for friendly old-fashioned and highly personalised service in any of Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia – or the Indian Ocean islands, and for quality beyond imagination call us today on 01342 811787.

We look forward to making your travel dreams a reality.