7 Top Tips for a Great Mobile Safari Experience

A mobile safari experience is one of the most popular ways of exploring the wildlife of Africa and usually includes traditional tented camping with daily 4×4 morning and night drives. We offer mobile safaris in Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, Republic of the Congo, Tanzania and Zambia, and here are some of our best tips to help you make the most of your experience with us.

1. Bring a Good Camera

A digital SLR or a Superzoom camera are the best cameras to take on safari as they are able to capture shots in all conditions. But if you don’t have the budget for a big camera, there are some good point-and-shoots and smartphones which could make a reasonable, easier to use alternative.


‘Wildlife Photographers’ by Lars Plougmann

2. Plan Your Shots

Whenever you’re trying to get a particular shot, tell your guide and he might be able to get in the best position to help you capture the best moments. Don’t be afraid to ask for photographic advice either as your guide will be full of insider secrets.

3. Listen to Your Guide

Always listen to your guide and follow their instructions. They will have your safety in mind at all times and failing to do as you’re asked could put you and your family in danger. Safari guides know the area and the game movements better than anyone and they’re there to enhance your experience.


‘Our Tour Guides’ by Christine Olson

4. Ask Questions

Mobile safaris are led by the most professional guides, guides who know the local area like the back of their hands. Not only should you always take their advice for safety but you should also make the most of their wildlife knowledge and pick their brains.

5. Leave Your Camera Bag Behind

Black camera bags are great most of the time but on safari, colour is everything. Black will heat up your camera so always choose a bag of lighter colour. A roll-top waterproof bag is great for keeping out dust and sand when you’re on the drive and will also keep your camera dry in wet conditions.

6. Bring Binoculars

Binoculars are an essential item for a mobile safari so make sure you bring enough for you and your family / group. There’s nothing worse than not being able to see what everyone else is seeing in the distance or missing out on all the interesting details of an animal standing 20 yards away. And remember that size does matter; compact binoculars won’t give you the magnification you need so don’t try hard to save space for opting for a pocket binoculars. Some good magnification strengths to go for are 8 x 32, 8 x 42, 7 x 50 or 10 x 50.


‘My Daughter on Safari’ by David Dennis

7. Cotton isn’t Always Right

Many guidebooks will tell you that cotton clothing is best for a safari holiday. But when it comes to a mobile safari, heated conditions can sometimes make a very uncomfortable ride. Although cotton is great in most conditions, there are some newer fabrics which are engineered to help when things get hot and humid. Choose ventilated garments which feature “moisture-wicking” properties and you can keep cool even when the 4×4 gets stuffy.Save