Our 21 Favourite Safari Blog Posts from 2014

An African safari is a life changing experience and the weeks running up to your holiday will be filled with both excitement and anticipation. Many of our safari customers tell us that they spend much of their time researching their chosen destinations and reading up on the mammals, birds and wildlife. But from our experience, nothing better prepares you for your safari holiday than reading first person accounts by other holidaymakers or travellers.

Great travel resources such as TripAdvisor and the Lonely Planet website provide great insight into some of our amazing safari destinations. But if you’re looking for advice on which blogs to read, we’ve handpicked some of the best posts from some well-known, influential bloggers from the travelling blogosphere.

Here is the ultimate list of our 21 favourite safari blog posts from 2014. If you’re one of the bloggers who has made our definitive list, we look forward to seeing more great travel writing from you in 2015.

1| Fall 2014 African Photo Safari – Notes from Tarangire by Dave Burns

Dave Burns is an award-winning wildlife and landscape photographer who takes you through a visual journey of his travels with his fantastic photo-driven blog site. In his recent post ‘Fall 2014 African Photo Safari – Notes from Tarangire, he shares his incredible experiences of his Tanzanian safari and he has captured some truly unique photos which will inspire you on your next trip.

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2| A day on a South African Self Drive Safari by Elle Croft

A Bird In The Hand Travel is an established travel blog by blogger, social media marketer, copywriter and amateur photographer Elle Croft. Elle’s obsession with exploring new places has led her to her most recent safari adventure at Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park, the oldest proclaimed safari reserve in Africa. Her interesting post ‘A day on a South African Self Drive Safari by Elle Croft’ gives an hour by hour account of a self-driving tour in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi and shares some great imagery of elephants, zebras, giraffes and more.

3| Africa; Moving to Kenya, Living the Dream by Piper Mackay

If you’re after the tips of a local expert, Piper Mackay is your best bet when it comes to the English language blogosphere. Piper, originally from Long Beach, California took the plunge in 2014 to relocate to Nairobi and in her post ‘Africa; Moving to Kenya, Living the Dream’, Piper shares the story of her relocation with her readers. Her photography is absolutely outstanding.

4| Safari Near Cape Town, South Africa by La Carmina

La Carmina brings you safari with a little added glamour. As a TV presenter, fashion blogger and a travel journalist, this alternative-looking style guru with bright blue hair isn’t your typical safari traveller. But she shows the world her recent experience on a South African safari in her article ‘Safari Near Cape Town, South Africa’ and you’ll agree with us when we say that she definitely travels in style.

5| What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Go on Safari in Africa by Claire Eastwood

Fathom scooped the Bronze Award for ‘Best Online Travel Journalism Site’ in 2013 and it’s easy to see why with contributors such as Claire Eastwood. Claire is a Kenyan-born, NYC-based safari consultant and she shares her passion for travel through her post ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Go on Safari in Africa by Claire Eastwood’.

6| 7 Secret Safari Experiences in Africa by Tom Barber

Many of our customers come to us because they want a bespoke and luxury travel experience so we would always recommend reading A Luxury Travel Blog for some top luxury travel tips. We particularly love ‘7 Secret Safari Experiences in Africaby guest blogger Tom Barber.

7| Ultimate Female Packing List for a South African Safari (in winter) by Brooke Schoenman

Written from the eyes of a female traveller, Ultimate Female Packing List for a South African Safari (in winter) gives a concise and detailed breakdown of absolutely everything you will need as a woman for your safari holiday. This post is geared towards a winter safari trip some please bear in mind the list may need a few adjustments if you’re travelling in spring or summer.

8| Top 10 affordable safaris in East Africa by Rachel B Doyle & Zoe Flood

You can’t go wrong with The Guardian when it comes to travel advice. Some of the best travel journos in the world run the show at The Guardian so we would always recommend it as a very trusted source of information. ‘Top 10 affordable safaris in East Africa’ gives a top line view of all safari destinations in East Africa for those who are yet to decide on which safari they want to go on. Get the low-down on Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

affordable african safaris

9|The Great East African Safari Experience by Kelly Phillips Badal

Another focus on East Africa, ‘The Great East African Safari Experience’ by Kelly Phillips Badal lets the pictures do most of the talking. The images are shot by Tanveer Badal and throughout this fantastic slideshow of wonderful safari images, Kelly’s writing talks us through the mammal and game encounters.

10| Finding the Right African Safari by Rachel Lee Harris

Finding the Right African Safari takes you through the process of choosing the right safari for your needs and also your budget. Here at Signature Safaris, we understand that no two safari journeys are the same and we cater for lone travellers, groups, honeymooning couples and even families with young children. No matter what your budget or your holiday preferences, there’s always an African safari that will tick all of your boxes.

11| Kalahari Desert {Photoblog} by The Szabo Family’s Blog

When safari holidays first began, things were very, very different. Photographic safaris were not as accessible and travelling with children would have been extremely difficult or near impossible. These days, there are so many different types of safari holidays including travel packages designed for families with children. We offer some great family safari tours here at Signature Safaris and this post ‘Kalahari Desert {Photoblog} seen on The Szabo Family’s Blog is a great source of inspiration.

12| Whatever You Do, Don’t Run: How to Survive a Walking Safari by James Bailey

Getaway Magazine has been a trusted publication since it launched back in the 80s – and today, the Getaway website is frequently used as a travel resource by anyone looking to travel to Africa. Written by James Bailey, a professional walking safari tour guide, this useful article Whatever You Do, Don’t Run: How to Survive a Walking Safari shares invaluable tips for safari beginners who are looking to tour on foot. But don’t let the worst case scenario tips from James Bailey scare you off. When done professionally and safely, safari tours are extremely safe and the messages in this article are really just a precaution.

13| The Big Five Animals of Africa by Gary Arndt

World famous blogger Gary Arndt is the author of this fantastically photographed article ‘The Big Five Animals of Africaon the Looptail website. Delving into ‘the big five’ of African safaris, this article unveils the five most wanted animals for safari walkers and there are some incredible images to go with the write-up.

14| How to Find an Affordable African Safari by Wendy Worrall

This detailed article unearths everything you need to know as a frugal traveller. Writer Wendy Worrall delivers almost 2,000 words on off season and low season travel, the different types of campsites to look for, types of driving safaris and the defining differences of East Africa and South Africa. Read Wendy Worrall’s ‘How to Find an Affordable African Safari on the Budget Travel website to get the complete low down on choosing a safari trip suitable for you and your needs.

15| How to Prepare for a Photo Safari by Africa Geographic

When our customers go on safari for the first time, we get a lot of questions about photography and whether it’s safe to bring camera equipment. It’s completely up to you what you want to bring and you’ll find that many photographers or professional travel journalists are keen safari goers themselves, always lugging their own equipment around with them across Africa. If you are a keen photographer, here are some ways you can prepare: read ‘How to Prepare for a Photo Safari on Africa Geographic and get tips on what you should take and how you should prepare before you travel.

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16| Beginners’ Guide to Safari Photography by ePHOTOzine

Not everyone is a photography expert. If you’re fairly new to shooting still imagery, capturing great images on safari could be quite the challenge. This detailed guide ‘Beginners’ Guide to Safari Photographyposted by ePHOTOzine goes through every detail of safari photography for rookies and walks you through cameras and lenses, accessories, dust and safety, metering, flash, panoramas and action shots, shooting birds and much more.

17| The Best Things to Do in Tanzania by Johnny Ward

Visiting Africa is one of the most exciting experiences in life. But there is so much more to the vast continent than just safaris. Tanzania is a desirable holiday destination, perfect for beaches, for hiking, and for spotting wildlife – if you want to know what you could fill your time with whilst in Tanzania (including a safari tour), take a look at this article on The Smart Girl’s Travel Guide: ‘The Best Things to Do in Tanzania’.

18| Highlights of Gambia: from River Safaris to Fishing Villages by Nellie Huang

Nellie Huang is a highly regarded travel blogger from Singapore who has travelled the world since she graduated from her degree in engineering. During her travels, she has created a fantastic platform for her writing and has been published in various publications including National Geographic, CNN, BBC Travel, Travel and Leisure Asia, Women Adventure Magazine, TNT Magazine and Explorer. She’s an inspiring lone, female traveller and we love her post from earlier this year, ‘Highlights of Gambia: from River Safaris to Fishing Villages which gives a great overview of the different aspects of a safari tour. From adventures in the Makasutu Forest and its epic jungle lodges to discovering the street art and villages of Kubuneh, this post shares Nellie’s amazing experiences of an African river safari.

19| Planning an African Safari: Things You Should Know and What to Pack by Katie Lara

Travelingpanties.com is written by luxury travel expert, Katie Lara. Katie has always been a keen traveller but she’s never been one to slum it. So her combined desire for both travel and extravagance has formed a fantastic blog that appeals to those who want the finer things in life. Kate shows us that being a travel addict doesn’t have to result in backpacking and hostels. And her handy article ‘Planning an African Safari: Things You Should Know and What to Pack’, which she posted earlier this year, gives readers the perfect insight into what you should expect from an African safari.

20| 10 Best Safari Destinations in Africa by Fodor’s Travel

Published earlier this year, Fodor’s Travel released the top 10 destinations for an African safari. Flick through the image slideshow for a teaser of the Chobe river cruise in Botswana, Etosha National Park in Namibia, and the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Read ‘10 Best Safari Destinations in Africa by Fodor’s Travel’ on the Fodor’s website.

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21| The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your African Safari by Signature Safaris

If you’re looking for informative blog posts and articles whilst planning your safari holiday, don’t forget to check in on the Signature Safaris article archive. We post regularly and we have had may years’ experience running safaris to Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Republic of The Congo, Seychelles, Tanzania and Zambia. Our recent post ‘The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your African Safari’ is an extensive breakdown of everything you need to consider when planning your holiday. From the types of safari trips available to the best time to go and need to know essentials, we’ve covered it all.

If you would like further information about the different safari destinations in Africa, please visit the destinations guide over on our website. You can also call our UK office on 01342 811787 to speak to an advisor.