10 Surprising Facts About African Wildlife

10 Surprising Facts About African Wildlife

Africa has some of the world’s most intriguing animals within its borders. In fact, they are so unique and interesting that thousands of people travel to see them each year. Safari holidays are one of the top attractions in Africa and visitors have a chance to not only see these magnificent creatures but to also have an experience of a lifetime. Whether you are thinking of travelling to Namibia and Botswana or Mozambique and Malawi, here are some truly surprising facts about the African wildlife you will see there.

1. A Giraffe Has a Blue Tongue

Aside from all of their other unusual features, they are equipped with blue tongues too. Since their tongues are often out of their mouths to feed, they are exposed to sunlight. The blue colour gives them extra protection!


2. An Ostrich Can Run More Than 40 miles in One Hour

They have elasticity in their joints which allows them to run at such high speeds. They also use their tendons to store and give out energy.


3. Lions Sleep For 15-20 Hours Every Day

They are nocturnal animals and need plenty of rest to help them hunt and get through their days. Here are the 5 best places to see lions in Africa.

Lion Sleeping

4. Baby Elephants Suck Their Trunks

Just like a newborn human sucks their thumb for comfort, baby elephants suck their trunks.


5. Cameroon Has The Largest Frog in The World

The aptly named, Goliath Frog is the largest in the world and can be found in the country of Cameroon. They are a foot long!

Goliath Frog

6. A Vulture Has Insanely Strong Stomach Acid

For the amount of dead and decaying animals they eat, it might be common knowledge that a vulture’s stomach acid is strong. However, you may not know that it’s so strong that it can combat diseases like cholera and anthrax.


7. Wild Dogs Regurgitate Their Food For Pups

Their stomachs are so large that they can eat food, travel long distances and then regurgitate it to feed their pups and pack dogs who can’t go out and hunt for food.

African Wild Dog

8. Elephants Don’t Have Sweat Glands

When the weather gets too hot and they can’t cool off, the elephants can actually stick their trunks down their throats to pull out water to spray on their bodies.


9. Crocodiles Don’t Have to Eat Much

While it may seem like these heavily toothed monsters eat all of the time, the truth is that they can go for months without a meal. Their digestive systems are so efficient that one meal can give them nutrients for quite some time.


10. A Giraffe Has Special Valves so it Won’t Pass Out

Because a giraffe has to bend over so far to drink water, it is naturally equipped with special vein structures and valves in its neck so that it won’t faint. These valves stop the blood from flowing to certain areas to do this.

Giraffe Drinking


These creatures are interesting and unique way beyond their looks. Did any of these facts surprise you? If you enjoyed reading this, then don’t miss 27 Surprising Facts About Africa.

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