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Malawi is known as the “warm heart of Africa” due to its friendly smiling people – any visitor cannot fail to be overwhelmed by the colour, vibrancy and generosity of its residents.

The first and overriding impression of Malawi is its Lake. At approximately 365 miles long and in places up to 53 miles wide, Lake Malawi is the third largest fresh water body in Africa and is home to a greater array of freshwater fish species than any other lake on Earth – over 1,000 at the last count. Lake Malawi constitutes almost 20% of the surface area of this small landlocked country. It dominates the countryside in the east and is a source of cultural reference as well as a natural resource for the country’s population. At its southern extremity the Shire (pronounced “Sherri”) River drains Lake Malawi and flows through the country’s lowlands en route to the Zambezi River.

Beyond the immediate orbit of the Lake, the floor of the Great Rift Valley rises steeply, the trough climbing to hills and gorges and their plunging rivers and precipitous valleys. The mountains and plateaux of Malawi form a dramatic and scenic contrast to the level surface of the Lake and its floodplains. The most extensive is the Nyika Plateau in the thinly populated north-east, whilst perhaps the most spectacular is the Mulanje Massif, rising 2000 metres out of the surrounding tea estates in the south. These high areas are cooler and wetter than the plains, and are covered in montane grassland and patches of evergreen forest with characteristic species such as roan and eland.

Between these two main high altitude areas are the main national parks of Liwonde and Lengwe and the Majete Game Reserve, This is where the bulk of the country’s elephant population occurs and it is only here that the secretive nyala penetrates into Malawi. The Shire River that drains Lake Malawi to the south is home to a population of almost 1,000 hippos as well as large numbers of crocodiles.
For those keen on experiencing African culture in all its complexity and beauty, Malawi is definitely the best country to visit.
Malawi can be combined with Zambia or Zanzibar

Malawi can be combined with Zambia or Zanzibar

Lake Shore

Lake Malawi is famed for the abundance and diversity of its fish life and holds a greater array of freshwater fish species […]


Liwonde National Park

Liwonde National Park, covering 548km², is considered the most prolific wildlife area in Malawi […]


Majete Wildlife Reserve

Majete Wildlife Reserve is a unique conservation and tourist destination for all visitors […]


Nyika National Park

The 3 134km² Nyika National Park, Malawi’s largest park, is a wild, untouched and remote upland area […]


Zomba Plateau

To travel to Malawi but not visit the Zomba and the Zomba Plateau would be almost unthinkable. The plateau […]


Climate and When to Go

Malawi has its rainy season from December through to March, with days becoming more humid leading up to the rains. April to July is glorious with warm days and cool evenings – as rainfall is limited the wildlife concentrate around available water sources. With the arrival of August the days become hotter but the nights remain cool. The best time for game is October and November although it can get very hot the further south you travel.

Temperature (ºC)
These are the average lows and highs


Rainfall (mm)


Average rainfall but will vary according to where you are in Malawi

Travel Tips

  • The best months to visit Malawi are during the dry months from April through to October. November is on the cusp of the rains.
  • Malawi’s highlights can be combined on an overland guided safari or by utilising inter-camp flight transfers. Both produce a wonderfully varied experience.
  • Liwonde National Park is superb for relaxed sightings of elephants and hippos.
  • The excellent beaches of Lake Malawi and its islands combine well with a safari in Zambia or Tanzania.
  • Kick back and relax in your safari lodges in Malawi and enjoy being at one with nature

Malawi is a superb destination for a family safari with a range of activities to suit all age ranges.

Further reading

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Chintheche Inn – Itinerary

An ideal beach destination following your safari in Malawi or Zambia and can be easily reached by air or road. Prices start from £95 per person per night based on sharing a twin/double room on a dinner, bed and breakfast basis including scheduled camp non-motorised water sports.

Fixed Price:


Classic Malawi (with Danforth Lodge) – Silver

The Classic Malawi (with Danforth Lodge is a 9 day safari visiting two of the most iconic National Parks, Liwonde & Lake Malawi, in this diverse and friendly central African country […]

£1545 to £1725
$1970 to $2199
R26265 to R29325


Classic Malawi (with Mumbo) – Silver

The Classic Malawi (with Mumbo) is a 9 day safari visiting two of the most iconic National Parks, Liwonde & Lake Malawi […]

£1615 to £1725
$2059 to $2199
R27455 to R29325


Intimate Malawi – Gold

The Intimate Malawi safari is a 10 day journey that visits two of the most iconic national parks that Malawi has to offer, Majete and Lake Malawi […]

£3425 to £3715
$4367 to $4737
R58225 to R63155


Landscapes of Malawi – Mobile – Comfortable

The Landscapes of Malawi safari is an 8 day small group guided journey that traverses the northern region of Malawi […]

Fixed Price:


Premier Malawi – Silver Plus

The Premier Malawi safari is a 10 day journey that visits two of the most iconic national parks that Malawi has to offer, Liwonde and Lake Malawi […]

£2845 to £2985
$3627 to $3806
R48365 to R50745


Rift Valley Explorer – Luxury Mobile

The Rift Valley Explorer is a 10 day luxury small group guided safari that traverses the central region of Malawi visiting three of its most fascinating regions […]

Fixed Price: